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The game features references to several famous storylines, ships, and characters from various Star Trek television series. The story unfolds in the standard timeline established within the televised Star Trek series, mostly ignoring the events presented in Abrams' Star Trek reboot, which is set in an alternate timeline.In Star Trek Online, each player acts as the captain of his or her own ship.[12] Players are able to play as a starship, controlling the ship's engineering, tactical, and science systems by keyboard/mouse or using an on-screen console.Star Trek Online Energy Credits is the currency of the game, which you will need to buy fleets and weapons. Once you improve your equipment you can level up your fighting force in game.
Cheap Star Trek Online Energy Credits
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News And Guides

  • Star Trek Online Victory is Life Turn the Table New Content

    Today is the 10th anniversary of the release date of the first piece of the franchise Start Trek film, and our Start Trek Online gamer have the duty to join the celebration and feast of the biggest event of the game. Do not miss the Cheap Star Trek Online Energy Credtis promo on Eacgame.com today, we prepared numerous of abundant discount...

    [2018-05-19 09:26:42]

  • Star Trek Online Tactical Escort & Officer Build Guide 2018

    If there’s a shortcut for you to jump from T1 to T6, it will be reading our STO Leveling Guide. If you think the guide is not enough for you to grind to T6, that may because you haven’t devote yourself into the Star Trek Online PvP and PvE competitions. The war is begin, the enemies is approaching, how will you defend your ...

    [2018-03-30 09:16:31]

  • Kid’s Dream Come True in STO 2018: To Own A Spaceship for Aerial Combat

    Every kid has a dream of astronaut, and gradually disappear when aging, because they gradually realize they’ve no likelihood to be a so fascinating job. Then they began to play computer games, and their dream comes true today. They become an astronomer in Star Trek Online! Everyone knows this film, but today we are about to talk abo...

    [2018-03-22 09:46:33]

  • Star Trek Online How to Get New Fleets by Quests?

    Star Trek Online provides a platform for space fans to travel around the mysterious cyberspace on their computer and consoles. If there will be a tool for travelling, the fleets or ships are decent for you, as well as for combat. You need to complete the prepared quests offered by the developers and get familiar with the manipulating meth...

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  • Star Trek Online Guide for Torpedo Selection and FAQ

    Star Trek Online is the only game in its form, adapted by same name file, which features scientific background story and aerospace combat gameplay. Players can buy and modify their special fleets or spaceships and even fight with AI and real player opponents both in space and on land. There’re three professions and also three fracti...

    [2018-01-26 10:16:10]

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