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Latest News
Due to FIFA 18 added the German 3 Liga into the game, after the ending of 2018 FIFA World Cup, a lot of FIFA fans express the wish that they want to see more other leagues to be added to the rost...
[2018-07-20 08:58:44]
NCSort is the developer and publisher of Blade & Soul, so we can make a bold prediction that they will end this game when it’s not profitable. But the date is far earlier for current version. There are new dung...
[2018-07-18 09:09:56]
Packs opening in NBA Live Mobile is the most interesting and exciting gameplay, because it cost money and you don’t know how many elites you will get from packs, all-stars or nothing. EA Sports sells players with m...
[2018-07-17 09:42:14]
MUT 19 Auction House will be removed from the game? According to some inconvincible threads, this rumor is correct. Some thugs want EA to remove some contents from the game so they advocated what they want to incite game...
[2018-07-13 09:34:21]
Control your Trove avatar by WSAD or direction keys on your keyboard to maneuver your character in the map. Other hot keys we won’t list here due to the limited time and space. Jump and jump, Spacebar key let you g...
[2018-07-09 10:05:34]
If you often read Black Desert Online Guide online, you must know it’s just a waste of time, but we Eacgame.com won’t only post guides, we offer some substantial articles for you. If you are veteran BDO gamer...
[2018-07-07 09:35:04]
I’ve preload the Jailbreak this afternoon and will try it this night. I used to prefer some little games like escape series, so that I can train my patience, I used to be quick to give up after several times of fai...
[2018-07-06 09:15:54]
In Revelation Online crafting menu, you can choose which kind of item you want to craft, there are potions, materials, gears, orbs, and foods, each of them requires a number of ingredients to begin. Scrolls like Botany S...
[2018-07-05 09:26:04]