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Latest News
MU Legend features four unique classes with special abilities. Choose to be a Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage, or a Whisperer. Level up as you fight mobs, gaining experience and unlocking stronger abilities. MU Legend is a h...
[2018-09-11 10:14:02]
What are the new features of the FIFA 19 new mode? Many players don't understand it. The story mode of this game adopts the setting of the three main characters. In addition to the familiar Alex Hunter, there will be...
[2018-09-06 09:54:17]
As many fans will already know, the new NBA 2K19 demo provides the first snippet of Career action, which can be downloaded right now. Its been a busy week for Basketball fans, with September including some significant ga...
[2018-09-05 09:45:24]
No Knight is among the 50 players with the highest overall ratings in the video game. No Knight is among the 50 players with the highest overall ratings in the video game. One of the major keys to the success of the Gold...
[2018-09-03 09:49:06]
Best Team: Who is the Best Team in Madden 19?   The online portion of Madden 19 is always a battlefield each and every year, and you will need to know which team is the very best of the bunch going into the game, ...
[2018-09-01 09:55:12]
Roblox is hugely popular and lets you play loads of diverse games. Roblox is on PC and Xbox One, but is Roblox coming to PS4 or Switch? We've also got a complete guide to all the best Robux games you can play right n...
[2018-08-30 10:04:24]
Recently, 2K released a large developer blog about the collector mode MyTeam. This year MyTeam has trimmed two modes from its feature set but replaced them with a couple of newer concepts designed to be more fan friendly...
[2018-08-18 10:16:57]
Although Madden NFL 19 has released for several days, there are still some players are not familiar with the new features in this year’s Gameplay. Madden is the annual NFL football franchise and the only game of it...
[2018-08-16 09:19:16]