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Blizzard was work on cleaning up suggestive content from World of Warcraft

  2021-10-12 15:05:00
Blizzard’s work on cleaning up World of Warcraft in the wake of historical allegations of harassment at the company continues, with the latest round targeting a series of suggestive jokes and flirts that are being removed as part of update 9.1.5.

On Aug. 27, Blizzard posted a statement on social media about upcoming changes to the game. This included “updates to improve the game environment for our community, including additional changes to some content to better reflect our shared values.”

Between the 21 playable races (including the neutral pandaren, available to both the Alliance and Horde factions), plus the unique voice acting for blood elf and night elf demon hunter characters, there are 46 different voice line sets player characters can use in World of Warcraft. With an average of 6 /joke and /flirt options each, there are around 550 of such voice lines in game. With this recent cull, nearly 15% of all these lines have been removed, with 30 jokes and 43 flirts being eliminated.

Next, we will share with you some of the jokes and lines of dialogue that are no longer part of the video game. Of course, we warn you that it may contain suggestive content.

    “I’ll let you know that I can flatten steel with my thighs” – Female midget.
    “Why does everyone automatically assume that I am a tailor and cook?” –Human Woman.
    “Trust me … I have experience exploring deep places” –Male Elf.
    “Yes, I have a vibration setting! Why is everyone asking? ” – Mechagnome man.
    “You know, once I laughed so hard that I milked the whole floor” –Tauren Female ”
    Have you ever ridden a rocket before? Mine is huge “- Male Elf.

Reading these dialogues, it’s no wonder Blizzard decided to remove them from the game. Of course, the fans attacked the company and assured that the strategy of removing content from their projects does not solve anything.

Like I said, while some of these are being taken out of the game for obvious reasons, many of them simply suck. Blizzard must figure, hey, since we’re trawling through the archives anyway, may as well do some cleaning while we’re in here. There’s a longer list of the changes over at Wowhead if you really feel like letting out a long, sad groan at how far we’ve all come since 2004.

World of Warcraft publisher Activision Blizzard faces wide-ranging allegations that it maintains a toxic workplace environment that’s particularly hostile to women. California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) investigated the company for two years before filing the lawsuit, and found that women are paid less and subject to sexual harassment, without meaningful punishment applied to perpetrators. In the period since the lawsuit was filed in late July, the DFEH has expanded its complaint to include allegations that Activision Blizzard “suppressed” evidence in its investigation. The company denies that claim.

 World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is available on PC.
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