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NBA Live Mobile is the most popular basketball video game on Android and iOS devices, featuring authentic NBA player and team database and update everyday. As the mobile edition of NBA Live on console, it can be played anywhere anytime. In order to make a decent team for you to go further on the leaderboard, you may need to Buy Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins from online store. Eacgame.com is one of the most professional online game currency store, which sell cheap, safe, and fast NBA Live Mobile Coins for Android and iOS users. Check our guide to find out which auction house you are in, and then provide your auction start price to us, then we’ll buy your card within 30 mins. We promise 100% safety of the trade and 100% refund for delayed orders. You can also get most timely NBA Live Mobile news and guides from our site, gameplay is also important. We wish you will enjoy it.

News And Guides

  • EA Sports Fleshing Out NBA Live Mobile New Online Franchise Mode

    Packs opening in NBA Live Mobile is the most interesting and exciting gameplay, because it cost money and you don’t know how many elites you will get from packs, all-stars or nothing. EA Sports sells players with money by this method, this mobile phone game isn’t free-to-play at all. You won’t have enough money to buy al...

    [2018-07-17 09:42:14]

  • NBA Live Mobile Best Coach Recommend for Fastest Stats Boost

    NBA Live Mobile has a born to have issue, that is the profit model problems. As a video game fans, we know clearly how a game’s developer and publisher making money form gamers. IMO, the best marketing method should be buy-out mode, gamers know how much they need to pay to play the game satisfied. The second type is free to play, bu...

    [2018-06-06 09:09:15]

  • NBA Live Mobile Showdown Awful Troublemaker List Announcement

    I roaming in the NBA Live Mobile Forum for an entire hour with no harvest, just a waste of time around an hour. There are too professional/special terms used in basketball and the video game that normal readers can’t figure it out. If you just as me, a rookie of the basketball game, and you want to be integrated into the game, the b...

    [2018-05-23 09:28:40]

  • NBA Live Mobile Announce New Action for New Starters in 2018

    As for operator of video games company, the most important thing is to increase the basement of loyal and regular player’s population and recognition and brand influence. As for NBA mobile video game, people like me will immediately recall of EA Sports NBA Live Mobile, rather than any other gamers even if I can still remember games ...

    [2018-04-10 10:44:27]

  • NBA Live Mobile 2018 How to Farm Faster

    NBA Live Mobile is not the best or perfect basketball simulation video game in the world, because it’s console version is. So we still can say the NBA Live Mobile is the best basketball immersive game on mobile phone, and the only choice for us when in subway, toilet, and park, after all we cannot carry our Xbox One or PS4 or PC to ...

    [2018-03-07 09:31:14]

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