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Four tips you should understand how can keep you from being banned from NBA 2K17

If a game is popular, then there must some cheating ways in the game. And Visual Concepts' basketball simulator, "NBA 2K17" has gone full throttle among gamers and basketball fanatics including the microtransactions that go alongside it. According to Forbes, there are several practices by players that lead them in getting banned from the game either temporarily or permanently depending on the gravity of the player's violation.  
One of the most common shams done within the game is buying virtual currencies (VC) from other gamers using real cash. Another form of trickery is the so-called "farming" of  VC where players rake in a specific amount of free VC every time they put up a My Player and later on delete them. Meanwhile, some PC gamers resort to bot creation and other autonomous programs that would interact with the game even if they are not playing it. Then here is four tips you should understand.
Don't Use Hacks Or Bots
Players are advised not to use hacks or bots to exploit the glitches in "NBA 2K17." Some PC users are doing this in trying to get unlimited MTPs or VCs. In the last two patches of the game, 2K Sports have tried to eliminate these hackers.
Don't Buy Virtual Currencies From Other Gamers

One of the things that may cause a player to be banned from playing "NBA 2K17" is by buying VCs from other players using genuine money. Apparently, this is not allowed in the game. Therefore, players need to avoid this practice if they want to continue enjoying the game.
Don't "Farm" Virtual Currencies
Farming VCs is another form of cheating on "NBA 2K17" that some players do. This is not also allowed in the game. Players do this to rake in a particular quantity of free VC each time they place a My Player, thinking of deleting them later on.
Don't Use Third Party Websites
Third party websites that are offering cheaper VCs are also one of the things that will cause a player to be banned from playing "NBA 2K17." A lot of these third party websites are patronized by players because they offer almost half the price of VCs than the official website of 2K.
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