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Albion Online Gold News & Guides

Albion Online Guide How to Act in Beginning Stage

   Albion Online Guide   2018-01-14 11:22:35
Albion Online is a MMORPG developed and published by Germany video game company Sandbox Interactive, not a video game company that only made sandbox video game. The game features a unique class system, which let players decide their certain class by acquiring skills when in the later gaming. To expand and develop the territory is the core content of the game. The aim of the game is to collect recourses from your territory to develop your town to a big city. Before the official release, the game has several Beta version for years, due to the multi-platform compatibility test.

First off, complete the destiny board quest pops up when you firstly login the game. Pay attention to the upper right corner of the UI, here you can find the must-do list that you should better follow it carefully. There are various instructions here for you to get familiar with the sandbox. The video above will help you to enhance you gameplay of Albion Online.
Do not envy others who has a mount in Albion Online
Mount is nothing in Albion Online, everyone can get mount easily in Albion Online. Mount is the necessary transportation tool for gamers to travel through the grand territory in Albion Online, but there are different types of mounts that each server their own purpose. horse is the basic mount that most players will tend to obtain and utilize within the world of Albion. Albion advanced horse can buy Albion Online Gold from Eacgame.com, which is the best online game currency store on the planet. Those purposes ranging from moving quicker between districts to being able to carry huge inventory or gears or materials, resources, or anything others for you to haul around. Some mounts can offer extra bonus for owner, as stated in the name the armored horse comes with armor, making it more durable than a normal horse!

Albion Online World Map

Have a general image of the Albion map in your mind
Press K key to summon the world map interface. You can actually get easily lost in Albion and there is no real system to get you exactly back to where you started. When you die in the early moments of your time in Albion you respawn at the nearest city, no matter whether the city you respawn is your birthplace of not. So knowing where you are and where to go is key for new players. Albion Online has a grand world perspective.

Albion Online Mounts

Now you know how to start the game, and where to buy the cheapest Albion Online Gold. So we’d like to prepare the next Albion Online Guide for you. Please following us for more useful guides, tips, as well as gold here. For ordering problems or FAQ, just check our previous issues, we promise all gold from Eacgame.com are safe and cheap. Wish you level up faster by reading this guide. 
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