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ArcheAge Gold News & Guides

Best ArcheAge Battlerage DPS Build Guide 2018

   PC Games   MMORPG   ARPG   2018-03-28 09:20:57
ArcheAge – Best Cold Weapon PvP & PvE MMORPG!

As we mentioned last guide, you need to complete as more quests as you can in the game to ensure not missing any good/decent items in the game that official provides to every gamers for free. We won’t suggest you do it anymore. Now you can Buy Cheap ArcheAge Gold from us, so why spend numerous of time to grind in the game? But we are not here to persuade to forgo the gameplay content in the game, but only for some obvious pitfalls set by publisher to irritate you to recharge money in the game. Learn to distinguish the difference between grind and play.

Archeage Battlerage Class Build Guide

This Chapter we’d like to inform you of some effective trumps to level up fast, and get good gears. You can do this for free but some time are needed, but you can also shorten the process resorting to our Safe ArcheAge Gold. Do not worry about the safety and the price of our products, it’s all tested safe and priced cheaper than most of other sites online.
Battlerage in ArcheAge is one of the most fierce class that expertise in melee physical damages. You can develop its tank ability but we won’t suggest you do it, because everyone wants to be the leader and main DPS in the game because it’s cool to stand front to deal damages than holding on the shield to burden and absorb damages for allies, although it’s also important. Triple Slash, you can imagine the effect of this skill by its name. For the constant three attacks, the damage are gradually increased, with some special buffs. Of course it’s powerful than normal attack, but it just cost 30 Mana, affordable for rookies.
If the Triple Slash is the major DPS skills of Battlerage in ArcheAge, the Charge skill will be the most important skill for the class. Without the Charge skill, no matter how powerful your Battlerage is, you will have no chance to get close with your target. You can also use the skill to escape when you are in low HP state. It can be used every 12s, so time your skill and try to be a smart rocket in the arena when in group PvP. This build is rather good for many situations. If Blighter attacks the target first the target has no chances to survive. This build has very good survivability because of Defence skills. But Blighter is not the only class for melee warrior.

Archeage Battlerage Skill Tree

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since you're on the front lines you need to consider taking more survivability, sustain, or other defensive abilities. Most builds here are focused on either Battlerage or Shadow play skill trees, combined with some other tree with strong defense, sustain or crowd control. Brandish your blades or swords, destroy your targets before their counterattack. Do not follow any hack tools online, the virus may compromise your account. Just follow our ArcheAge Guide and Buy our ArcheAge Gold with Safe Payment and Instant Delivery. It is the best way to level up fast and become rich in the game easily! You should know who are knocked down first who lost in PVP, but blighter cannot be knocked down with the Redoubt skill within 20 sec. Although no flexible with Dark runner, but has a very nice tank and high outbreak, stealth, sneak attack of assassin, it is the highest damage occupation in these 8 occupations.
This time’s ArcheAge Class Build Guide is over there, do you have any questions or suggestions for our ArcheAge channel? We are willing to hear your voice. We always focusing on providing Cheap ArcheAge Online Gold for gamers for all servers. Decent weapons won’t drop from sky, and we don’t want you to beg as a beggar inform of veteran gamers for some unwanted trashes. Just follow our ArcheAge Tips and Buy Safe ArcheAge Gold from us. 
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