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Dofus Kamas News & Guides

Dofus Eniripsas Healer Build Guide for Group PvP

   PC Games   Strategy Games   Dofus Touch Guide   2018-03-29 09:43:40
Eniripasa can be built as Healer, Buffer, or Debuffer in Dofus, it’s one of the best assistive class in Dofus. Although Eniripasa isn’t powerful when in 1v1 PvP or defeating mobs, an entire party should not ignore this class forever no matter how powerful their DPS or Tank is. The Wounding Word can not only damage foes, but can also heal nearby allies, so try to get close to your team’s Eniripasa, you will keep full HP as ways. The Word of Recovery is awesome, it can immediately recover a partner to full HP, use it to rescue your endangered allies, as well as destroying your enemies’ premeditated deadly strike.


You should choose another class for prospecting if you have this in mind. If you don’t have something special on your mind just choose Intelligence and be well. Eniripsa have some spell with Erosion. Erosion works in the percentage of maximum health you have. You can buy Cheap Dofus Kamas here, and quit farming toughly in the game. Just enjoy the pure joy of the game from now. It will subtract specific amount of received damage from current maximum health level while you have this debuff on you. Dofus monsters were different when I was leveling up on echo. anyone have some kind of up to date leveling guide.

Dofus Eniripasa Healer Guide

Please bear in mind, the chance eni requires quite a bit of investment in order to be effective. This guide is designed for those who know what they’re doing, and have a few mk to spend on it. By following the above tips, you can make your character awesome both in PvE and PvP. Just finish mainline quests to push the background story forward, relief from the tedious sub line quests. It is not recommended for this to be your first character in dofus. Enutrof is pretty good solo'er because of his living bag. Enutrofs will always be amazing. Soloing as an Enutrof after the initial slog should be easy. But it will like the Eniripsa, be painfully slow at the beginning. You simply won't have the spells or gear you need to deal with much of anything.

Dofus Support Class Tips

Overwhelming Word is another kind of Wounding Word, but even more effective. It can damage targets and recover allies near by the target, besides, target will be MP removed by 3 points. There are many elemental damage skill but I do not recommend you upgrade them full at once, you need to act as a decent healer first, the major task for you isn’t attack but rescue and assist allies. Just add your skill points on Preventing Word first, that will increase 20% of HP to shield of target ally. Hope you can enjoy our Cheap Dofus Kamas recharge service here. Be here on Eacgame.com next time when new Dofus Guide released.
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