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ELOA Blood Knight Build Walkthrough from Rookie to Veteran

   ELOA Guide   2018-02-10 09:08:38
ELOA Blood Knight is the Tank class among all five playable classes. Blood Knight do not suits single farming and dungeon, but a group need a Blood Knight to absorb and burden damages for other fragile roles like Psychic and Sniper. If you want to add some DPS on your blood knight, or you just want to make your bold knight even more tank like, this guide is suitable for you. First of all, you need to buy some ELOA Gold, because most of steps need you to spend a lot of gold. Never had an online game need no money to become stronger in PvE or PvP. To run servers, to handle bugs, to design new gameplay modes, to defense hackers attacks, to advertise the game, so many aspects need them to cost money, so please understand the official a little.

ELOA Guide for Beginner

This ELOA Guide will help you to upgrade your Blood Knight fighting force in a particular order, so do not jump to end unless you just want to buy the cheap gold and have interest in learning those awesome tips. The BK uses health to cast spells/skills (not all of them) and gains Demon Blessings, a resource for battle. Welcome to Eacgame.com, we are the best store for Cheap ELOA Gold. Buy now to enjoy the huge discount! Like warriors, the BK can cast different skills and some of them get special bonuses, this makes de Demon Blessing your right hand in battle. The BK is maybe the most used class these days, I think it’s because of the hype of a new class and personally I am one of those.
The Blood Knight offers three types of stances that can be switched whenever you want with the F4 hotkey. One is for taking most of the damage in a party and protecting party members, another one being quick and offering small bursts of damage, and the last one focuses on dealing lots of damage. We Eacgame.com not only update most professional ELOA Guide for our customers, but also Cheapest Gold as well. The Guard stance is your primary tanking stance. It offers the highest base defense along with high utility party skills and moderate damage.
Wings unfurled is our gap closer, very wonky skill can lock on and has good range, but if you are not careful it can mess you up big time mainly in PvP. Swirling wings will have best uses in PvP, it will stun for 2 sec. So we Eacgame.com come and help you to get through the tough stage of the game by offering ELOA Quest Items for all of our customers. Not much but should be enough to help setup other combos and also serve as an interrupt which is nice. For PvE you want stone wings, it gives you a weak shield, but best use I think compared to the extra range, that inscription is useless I feel.
When start PvP in ELOA with your character Blood Knight, your first focus should be at attaining 12 Strength and 15 Dex, that’s the best combination for Tank build. Your primary weapon at the beginning of the game will be the Uchigatana from the Master Swordsman right outside. You can buy Cheapest ELOA Resources here, and quit farming toughly in the game. Just enjoy the pure joy of the game from now. If you choose to use a different burial gift, you can first upgrade using the raw gem from the crystal lizard, and wait for the raw gem until you reach the fire demon at the Undead Settlement. Just follow main storyline and you can level to 35 in a day. I reached 30 in around 6 hours with a guild, in my opinion team up with a friend is the fastest way. If you have 3/4 people then one of them may go AFK or not hand in a quest etc.
Stick to your original goal is the key point of leveling, and help you live better IRL. If those tips are not accessible in later versions, please inform us immediately, we will update this ELOA Guide for you and all buyers of our site. We offer ELOA Gold without any hidden charges and fees. We will initial a full refund for invalid orders within 3 workdays as well. If you have any other questions for our site or our coins and gold, you can write an email to complain to us, we will compensate you soon if possible. Help you can enjoy this Blood Knight Building Guide. Next guide will be in next week, keep following!
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