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Elsword ED News & Guides

Elsword Nexon New Actions Coming with Patches 2018

   Hot Game Patches   PC Games   2018-03-13 09:29:10
Elsword only features more than ten kinds of base classes: Knight, Magician, Ranger, Taker, Exotic, Guardian, Hsien, Tracer, Valkyrie, Executor and so on. Each class has their unique play style. Now the game is popular in North America and South Korean districts, and been well maintained by its publisher Nexon and KOG Games and Gameforge worldwide. Since 2007 debut, the game constantly gain fans on PC, now ten years passes it’s also in healthy development. There’s a background story happened in Elrios in the game, the mainland of beginner’s birthplace. They need to create their own legend here.

Elsword PvP Tips and Cheap ED

This 3rd job as I expected, gives IS some more damage, and a little bit MP gain, each Conwell sword proc nets 8 MP I think Infinite Strike basically can refund itself now. But his kit still sucks. Buy our Cheap Elsword ED to offset your loos of previous expensive in-game recharge. Your altitude depends on your attitude, casual gamers won't reach the peak of the game's leaderboard. So grind if you want to make more Elsword ED, do not read too much guides that won't help a lot. Now the Master of Combat passive, that's where I got all giddy, with how I have my IM set up with skill stacking, elrianode, void weapon and all that good stuff, thanks to that passive, I'm actually surprised that my Conwell strength skills can rival the damage of a hyper active like Absolute Judgment, for example, almost. One of his core skills is a debuff-inflicting one which is rendered useless in end-game dungeons, but many other characters experience this as well. Hope you success.
I run a strength build on IS and it really does help out with Conwell strength skill damage. But if you're running a flex build, I can see where you're coming from with this, and that sucks vs someone with a strength or bravery cause it only affects the skills listed being strength and bravery conwell skills who would be benefiting greatly from it. Buy Cheap Elsword ED from Eacgame.com is your wisest decision. The damage difference between Mod and normal version is minimal. If you use this Mod with Aura of Destruction, the Moon Blade will most likely eat all of the aura already, so the Flame Cloud won't get the damage increase. While, the Moon Blade from normal version will make the most use of that Aura.
Hello, and welcome to the forums and the game. Please familiarize yourself with the forum Code of Conduct if you haven't already so that you know what is appropriate around these parts and what isn't. Haiyo and welcome to the forums! I’ve taught you all tricks I knew in Elsword, you can share yours to me so that I can re-share them to gamers of our site. Thank you for your generous behavior. Now the first part of the Elsword Guide has ended, the following content will be more fantastic. Do not explore maps or dungeons that higher than your level, unless you teamed up with veteran companions. If you're experiencing trouble with your game, contact Customer Support with details, pictures, or video of the said problem. As a common problem of the character as a whole, Elsword's combo chains are clunky. Especially for LK, his combos may feel slow at first, but it will get better when you invest more time in him.

Elsword Guide for Beginner

Elsword is one of the best casual online video game, which is the most welcomed game this year in U18 teens. Also, there’re numerous adult gamers here. We recommend you be kind in the game, because you may meet foreign gamers, and could make friends with them, social intercourse is also an important part of the game. To stronger your character in the game, you need to buy our cheap Elsword ED with cheap price and fast delivery. We make sure our products are the most reliable in the market, never had an account ban issue occurred reported by our customer. You can test our site by your alt account, once succeed, you can buy our cheap ed for your main account. 
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