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New World players have reported getting scammed out of all their gold

  2021-10-11 16:09:04
Amazon's New World soared to popularity as soon as it launched. The MMO rose up the Steam charts to become one of the most played games on the platform, only behind CS:GO. We may not know the true extent of its popularity at launch as the limited servers kept a lot of people waiting in queue for hours. However, if you do manage to get in, you might have to be vigilant as players have reported getting scammed out of all their gold.

Once a territory has been owned, everyone profits from the taxes earned by the players who trade items. On the other hand, companies that do no have their own land will have to rely on the generosity of their members. With that said, it is safe to say that there is a high level of trust involved, considering that there is no way to stop company leadership to run off with all the gold that has been collected—which is precisely what has been happening.

Over on the New World subreddit, players began sharing stories this week of entire factions collapsing thanks to the misdeeds of a few players. "I think Heracleion server's Syndicate faction just got the speedrunning record for New World's faction shattering drama," wrote a player named Paradoggs. "Just 7 days."

When players reach a certain level in New World, they’re given a choice of joining one of three factions that available in the game. The three groups - the Marauders, the Covenant, and the Syndicate - are at constant war with each other for control of the game’s numerous zones. These factions are then further subdivided into companies - essentially the game’s version of guilds - that attempt to claim settlements and their surrounding areas for the benefit of their New World faction. Once a zone is claimed by a company, another guild from an opposing faction is presented the opportunity to take control of it by going to war.

However, it seems that company leaders aren't the most trustworthy lot according to Redditor Paradoggs, who posted a story of deceit and betrayal (thanks, PC Gamer). Paradoggs' post talks about how a company leader on the Heracleion server scammed the company members by convincing them to pool in their gold before absconding with it all.

The comments of that Reddit thread, which was upvoted over 3,000 times, soon filled with other players sharing similar stories. It seems all across New World's servers, company leaders are emptying out their guild banks and defecting to an opposing faction, while other companies are collapsing over interpersonal drama. "This game is wreaking havoc on weak minds. I've a friend whose guild leader kicked him and others only because they [didn't] agree about some in-game strategies after [winning]," wrote one commenter. "Years of friendship playing other games going to the trash. It's insane."

“No one trusts anyone,” he added. “No one knows anything to do about it other than get invaded and die whimpering.”

Paradoggs wasn't the only one scammed out of their money. This tactic is apparently being used quite often as others also shared similar stories in the comments. "We had a similar thing! Purple company leader (and governor of brightwood) emptied their treasury and yeeted himself into covenant," said Viryuous_Redemption. "His new covenant company declared war on Brightwood, and his syndicate friends selected the weakest people for the war. They took brightwood in like 2 minutes."

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