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New World players have started using the reporting system to win territorial wars

  2021-10-11 15:52:18
Users of Amazon’s MMO New World have started using the reporting system to win territorial wars. Complaints from players appeared on the project forum and on reddit.

It's a system ripe for abuse in competitive MMOs, and New World looks to have a particularly vicious outbreak where the combination of winner-take-all rewards and very narrow lists of participants make the best targets for your wave of aggressive false reports very obvious. Now, it looks like New World players have figured out they can target their enemies with reports to trigger that 24-hour ban... just before a time-limited war event.

Gamers in New World realized there isn’t any punishment for mass-reporting particular enemies in an effort to lock them out of the sport’s fights for territory. The Amazon Video games’ title has struggled with this downside because it was formally launched on September 28.

The New World administration did not provide a clear answer to player complaints. Some moderation representatives note that the system can automatically ban a large number of requests in a short period of time. Other moderators claim that each report is considered separately.

Posts across the Steam forums, Reddit, and other social media give anecdotes of bans. "50 People in my 100 person company are now banned" reads one Reddit post. "We have to give up our hard fought territory because everyone can press report a couple times? This is crazy we need a fix ASAP" the post continues.

It has caused more than a little confusion in the community, certainly due to mounting evidence that some 24-hour bans are decidedly automated. An enterprising user on the New World forums has compiled an extensive list of evidence around the issue compiling both forum threads and social media posts.

The release of New World took place on September 28 after repeated postponements of the release date and several test phases. The game holds the leading position on Steam for two consecutive weeks.

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