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  • The skating system in NHL 16 feels more weighted

    The NHL series has shut out its opponents for a half decade, thanks to an innovative skill stick feature and amazing graphics that left its only competition, the old “NHL 2K” series, in the dust a long-time ago. More Realisti...

    [2015-08-05 11:11:16]

  • Madden NFL 16 should be a high powered masterpiece

    The crown jewel of EA Sports’ video game catalogue, Madden NFL 16 was available to demo at E3 2015. The developer has been hyping up its sports games over the past few weeks including NHL 16 and NBA Live 16 but everyone looks forwa...

    [2015-08-03 14:33:33]

  • Requested features make NHL 16 bigger and better

    The NHL 16 release date is just months away and while EA did not announce the specific date we know a lot about the NHL 16 release that gamers and fans will want to know today to get amped up and ready for the game. Even before E3 2015 t...

    [2015-08-01 14:04:15]

  • NBA 2K16 plays the best basketball on the court

    Visual Concepts, the game’s developer hasn’t revealed a lot of the new features we can expect with NBA 2K16’s release. We don’t expect to see the game fully detailed until this year’s Electronic Entertainmen...

    [2015-07-31 14:27:11]

  • Be a Pro mode in NHL 16 is actually kind of fun

    Well, it’s that time again. Can you smell it? That’s the smell of autumn or fall or whatever you want to call it, and that means hockey season is only weeks away. This also means virtual hockey is close at hand, and this time on...

    [2015-07-29 14:33:48]

  • There is a huge lineup of different NBA 2K16 games

    For a game that dominates sales charts every year, it would be nice if 2K used its resources to actually improve the game and not cater to meaningless celebrity shit that makes no difference in how most players want to actually enjoy the ga...

    [2015-07-29 14:31:50]

  • The graphics and details are amazing for Madden NFL 16

    The data-driven presentations before the snap and the info offered once a play is over are great, but scanning them takes time and, from a point on, all the numbers start to blend and it’s hard to base decisions on them. I’ve al...

    [2015-07-29 14:30:40]

  • NBA 2K16 is still the premier basketball experience

    Reportedly, Lee’s contribution will focus mainly on MyCareer, the complete simulation that takes players of NBA 2K16 from rookies to league superstars and beyond. It’s hard to imagine that Spike Lee’s work on the game w...

    [2015-07-24 16:53:37]

  • EA promises more in depth information on NHL 16 Be a GM mode

    From my attempt at playing NHL 16, being a general manager is less about managing a team and more about hitting the “simulate until this game” button after placing agents around the globe in a management experience with as mu...

    [2015-07-23 11:04:55]

  • Defensive fundamentals in Madden NFL 16 include tackling

    The next way to make coins is competing in seasons play. The better you do each game, and as you win seasons you will continue to make more and more NFL 16 coins. These will quickly add up and will allow you to make a decent profit over ...

    [2015-07-22 14:07:39]

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