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NBA 2K17 has locked most of the game modes behind the online gateway. You need to be logged into the 2K servers to access most of the game, and those servers were not functional for m...
The game has been in development since 2010, and entered closed beta testing (CBT) in October 2013. On the other hand, the Korean version is moving swiftly, with regular updates that ...
Hello, friends, and welcome back to Black Desert. This week, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about a subject that has been the focus of much debate in the wake of Black...
Every year, developer EA Sports tries to justify the need for you to buy its latest football game. We've seen a lot of these annual changes, both big and small. From the monumenta...
When it comes to choosing race and class in Black Desert Online, however, there is far less choice than expected. Classes are automatically assigned gender and race with no room for v...
The highly anticipated "NBA 2K17” My Career mode is all about freedom of choice and the characters. 2K Sports brings you the latest instalment of the game with its newly la...
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