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Black Desert Online Dark Knight Build Guide

   Black Desert Online Guide   2018-01-31 09:34:47
Dark Knight Build for 2018 new version, include my build of BDO Dark Knight of skills, weapons, gameplay tips, and trading tricks, and so on. Hope all of you can enjoy it. This Guide is keep on revising and upgrading, new contents are to be announced. Add this site to your favorite to keep following the awesome BDO Guide. I prepared the 3%-off discount coupon for you, use it for your order here. You can split this guide into three part, the skills leveling tree, weapons selection, and class introduction.

BDO Dark Knight PvP Guide

Dark Knight is a class features 5:3:3:2:3 Attack:Defense:Control:Evasion:Combo ratio, you should follow its nature to build your unique DK. The most often build for this class is Tank, and secondary choice of gamers are DPS. If you find it's difficult to achieve, it doesn't matter. We Eacgame.com also provide safe and Cheap BDO Silver for you. Enjoy your game from now. To increase Damage will be money consuming in Black Desert Online, because everyone wants to see cool damage figure instead of high character HP or DEF. When in Pre-Awakening stage, DK uses Kriegsmessser as weapon, when awakened, they can equip Vediant.
Once you reach 99% experience at level 55, max out Unveiled Dagger and Hidden Strike as well as your passive skills. Follow that up with Air Strike, Slanted Balance, Pervasive Darkness, and Wheel of Fortune. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in Black Desert Online. We Eacgame.com not only update most professional BDO Guide for our customers, but also Cheapest BDO Gold as well. Pick up Lunacy of Vedir and max out the Enforcement-Flow: Termination route if you have spare points.
Dark Knight unparalleled superiority could be explored soon after its awakening. However, the Dark Knight Awakening update was also more or less the last notable balance change the class has received since its release. When your leveling process stuck by resources or currencies, and you don't have sufficient time to farm enough Black Desert Online Silver in the game, the wisest choice for you is to Buy Gold from us. We promise cheap price, fast transaction, safe payment for all orders. This left players feeling (understandably) upset -- after all, DKs were by far the hardest class to kill because of the incredibly high amount of super armor and guard they had. And they weren't lacking in offense, either.

Black Desert Online DK Guide

PvP is also the staple of the game’s mode. While you have this mode activated you are free to attack any other player if this player is allowed to participate in PvP. You can even attack players who have turned off their PvP button. But you will be receiving karma points if you kill such players. You can also be attacked any time by other player. There’re Guild Wars, Caravans, Battlegrounds, and Sieges fighting method for you to PvP in BDO. All in all, this is a game, even require healer or tank class to play as DPS, so feel free to choose your class.
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