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Black Desert Online Ninja Nerf Breaks Balance of PvP July 5

   Black Desert Online Guide   MMORPG   2018-07-07 09:35:04
If you often read Black Desert Online Guide online, you must know it’s just a waste of time, but we Eacgame.com won’t only post guides, we offer some substantial articles for you. If you are veteran BDO gamer and have spent hundreds of money to enhance your character, Ninja isn’t your choice, cuz they only awesome in mid level period. The final boss is Valkyrie. But that’s not to say Ninja isn’t playable or worthy to cultivate. I’m the game who prefer Ninja for its high maneuverability and crit damage.


What Should Ninja Do to Get Improved?
I don’t PvP much so this doesn’t affect me. However, this is really a dumb idea. There is no reason why they should disable a feature and make people pay for something that’s happening across the map and they want nothing to do with. Do not reject third party store so firmly, one day you will come back and buy our Cheap BDO Kakao Cash. Imagine they disable fishing or any other type of life skills just because node wars started. Ninja needs agility and crit, as well as decent weapon. You can ignore the armors, but a decent weapon is must-have item.
If you have some fantastic ideas, please ask your veteran partners before you practice it in the game. These developers are doing such a great job they deserve another bonus on top of the one they already got. Please buy more Swim Suits and support this just cause. Swimwear should Absolutely be visible outside of safe zones. I’m just glad I actually realized how these worked before jumping the gun and buying 16 of these for each of my characters. As it stands, something that I was really excited about is simply not worth my time or money. Things I consider common sense, but apparently it's very rare. You only have one chance to slay opponent. Use out all your means before aim get prepared for melee.
I used to waste more than 100m BDO Silver for useless gears. It's just a lot of no effort responses. You don't need two people to acknowledge an issue, an issue is such because it's perceived as such by a person, then if we want to turn it into an acknowledged general issue, we must gather feedback and datas. Which has been done many times, including now with Ninjas and Kunoichi. Perhaps you're right. At this point, I think a new game my best option. I need to stop feeding this game. I've been gaming since the mid 90s, this is the first game to ever beat me. It won. I need to find a new home. Use your speed to get close, and keep following your target. Auxiliaries are important for Ninja.

BDO Ninja Nerf

How to Manage to All Aforementioned?
It’s easy to get all mentioned Kunoichi, Swimwear suit, and life skills like crafting, fishing, or cooking. Just login Eacgame.com, and use your pin money to turn the tide for your Ninja in Black Desert Online. The environment of farming is getting harder and harder. If you don’t change your strategy soon, you will be eliminated soon as well. You may find your silver earned by hard toil getting worthless fast. And it’s easy to get Kakao Cash from third party online store. 
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