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League of Legends Riot Points News & Guides

Build and Control Tips for League of Legends Lucian Beginner

   League of Legends Riot Points   2018-02-24 10:02:12
League of Legends is one of the most successful MOBA game in the world, features numerous of heroes for gamers to play. There’re hundreds of characters for gamers to start the game, and every one of them are unique in development, combat skills, role in team and gearing strategy. Today’s LoL guide is about one of the most difficult to master hero – Lucian, and its special gameplay skills and development threads. Because it’s hard to make perfect control of it, you can start easy and gradually increase the difficulty level after, by following this LoL Guide.

League of Legends Heroes Build Guide

Lucian's main strength is how strong he is throughout the entire game. His early game is among the best of all ADC's, his mid-game is really strong too and late-game he falls off but still remains very relevant. This means you can pick him, crush early-game, snowball and never end up falling off because Lucian never becomes weak. You may need Cheap League of Legends Riot Points for a further step in PvE and PvP in the game. Do not follow hack tool or guide online or else your account may be banned permanently from the game! This is why I personally think he's one of the strongest ADCs in solo queue, compared to other carries who are either strong early-game but then fall off at 6 items, or strong late-game but risk losing lane and never reaching late-game because of their weak early-game.
We always want to make our passive work, and also when our passive attacks hit on the enemy, we reset our CD of E so what we really want to do, its start the combos with E and finish them with a E back or just to take some range on them. The trick is on using the skill we want when the second basic attack of our passive is going to hit our enemy and with that tricks and some practice, we will always do our DPS and also have a perm passive in our attacks.
Although this is only your passive, it is the bread and butter of your kite. Therefore weaving an auto between your spells consistently will separate decent Lucians from good ones. If Lucian's first target dies before the second goes off, it'll automatically hit the next closest target, prioritizing champions. Once lacking of League of Legends Riot Points, just buy on our site, now the points is on sale. Take your time to seize the great chance to relief yourself from the tough grind quests and farming works. Even though Piercing Light is point and click, it can be dodged during its last frame of cast time by dashes such as Vayne's Tumble, or Yasuo's Sweeping Blade. Due to recent buffs allowing the Q cast time to be much faster as he levels up, this is not a concern mid-late game.
Lucian does not have many straight up winning matchups. This, however, is one of them. Jinx can't really get away from you unless you eat traps, she can't deal with you auto, q, auto, dash, autoing her at all and she surely can't out DPS you until late game maybe. Another ADC with 500 auto range? Go crazy kid. Dodge boomerang and don't let her stand still and auto reset on you. Lucian is one of the hardest characters in the game! We should talk about it and make it clear. Lucian generally takes much more work than most ADC champions to pull off but can create highlight reels to die for and can outplay anything that isn't point and click. That being said, I love him to death and he is the most fun champion in the game to me.

LoL Lucian Build Guide

League of Legends Lucian isn’t so easy to master, TBA, most of gamers even veterans won’t master this hero finally. They are wise, and we suggest you do not touch this hero until your practice it perfectly, or else you will be a moving ATM for opponents. LOL Points for Sale at Eacgame.com, safe and fast! Share your idea on building Lucian in LOL, and write and post your own build guide to us, huge rewards here. Next week we will post another powerful but difficult to master hero in League of Legends, hope you can come and support us. 
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