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League of Legends Riot Points News & Guides

League of Legends Gank Tips Learn to Use Minimap

   League of Legends Riot Points   2018-03-02 09:37:30
League of Legend shared same map with DOTA, and sand gameplay with DOTA, which is the archetype of the game, and some of LoL gamers are came from it. But there are some slight revise on map, there are different jungle path here. In order to make a success gank or ambush, we need to make every corner and even every tree clear on the map. Trees are destroyable by some skills, so we can create a special lane to make a blitz. Do not be in opponent’s sight too long. When your lane are too approaching, you can get back to wait next troops. Once you reach lv.6, manage your time and cast a signal to your allies, it’s time for ganking.

League of Legends Minimap and Jungle Path

Not only do you have to consider the positioning of the enemy you are ganking, but also where their jungle your laner is going to be. This is why a lot of the time you hear the advice: Follow your lane. If your opponent shows up at a fight and you aren't there, your team is at a numbers disadvantage. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in League of Legends. We Eacgame.com not only update most professional League of Legends Guide for our customers, but also Cheap League of Legends Riot Points as well. Answer those questions the best you can. You can figure it out while you're clearing camps. You can occasionally glance at the lanes, note CS differences, who's dying solo, who do you think is more aggressive. These will be important and will set the tone of where your focus will be.
Red buff or the Crest of Cinders are an awesome assist that ever jungler dreamed about. Crest of Cinders for 2 mins all auto attacks of the champion will debuff an enemy, dealing 38 of true damage for 3 seconds, and decreasing the movement speed of an enemy for 25%. Also, it restores 9% of the max HP if you fighting against an enemy champion or epic monster. Mastering Jungle Pathing can be a long process because it involves tons of game knowledge and the game sense of reading the map and understanding the flow of the game. Ganking is a required skill in League of Legends, you must be aware of when a gank is coming to you and when to go and gank another lane.This is why we set out to make the tool, to not only help Junglers hone their pathings, but to also help players in the other roles understand where the action is likely to happen.

LoL Gank Guide

Before the game even starts, jungle routes must be decided, and they change every game. The load screen should be the time when you think things over. Before we look at an example of this decision-making process, let’s first look more closely at the three types of routes. Take it easy, that's not the only way for you to earn LoL Riot Points in the game! We Eacgame.com also provide Cheap LoL RP for you. Likewise, as a jungler, moving around the map and clearing camps in a specific way allows you to maximize how quickly and how often you can gank, and oftentimes, the jungler is responsible for controlling the pace of the game and setting up the big plays. The jungler with the most impact on their team is the jungler that wins the most.
Gank is the most excited section of the game, and you need to ambush and wait for a decent chance. Sometimes you need to attract opponent tower’s attention to protect your weak allies. You need to read both target’s and your ally’s attention, do not emerge too early before your ally lure enemy up. You need to buy League of Legends Riot Points for glyphs and skins. The official store are greedy, so the best place for you is Eacgame.com, we offer Cheap, Fast, and Safe LoL Riot Points. How you can be here again when our next LoL Guide releases. 
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