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Dofus Ecaflip Healer Build for Group PvP No Cost Version

   Dofus Guide   2018-03-01 09:36:50
Dofus has not only one healer, every class has healing skills can be built as healer by improving the stats that the healing skill required. But different classes are different in gameplay style, and they all have their specialties depend on their nature and build. Ecaflip can be healer, and very professional healer by proper build. The Yowling skills are decent one for rescue allies from dangers, and it can be used for damage opponents. Time the skill and turn to maximum the effect of this dual function skill. What’s more, there are numerous ways for you to build a healer Ecaflip in Dofus, let’s have a look.

Dofus Ecaflip Healer Build 2018

Selecting a weapon for a Healer Ecaflip can be an interesting challenge as well. Firstly you still need to take all the things I said about Heals, Damage, Range, and Crits into account when choosing a weapon. You may try using a healing weapon like Boogey Wand. You can buy Cheap Dofus Kamas here, and quit farming toughly in the game. Just enjoy the pure joy of the game from now. Another option is to use a stat weapon like Limbo Wand and rely entirely on spells for damage. With every new set you will have to consider your options. The way I see it, it's either spam Perception every turn with a Chance Agility build or go Intelligence and heal a lot more with Heads or Tails All or Nothing at the price of damage.
I'm starting an agility build now, strength is still probably the better build although claw was taken away from it. I haven't really played in a while but after the weapon nerfs I think agility or cha is also viable, just different and probably won't deal as much damage as strength but is more versatile. Intelligence isn't looking that great anymore from what I can tell. Do not follow any hack tools online, the virus may compromise your account. Only follow our Eacgame.com Dofus Guide for good. It is the best way to level up fast and make more Dofus Kamas easily! Since end game if we're talking f3 enemies hit stupidly hard, so to succeed you really have to play the best you can. But I'm sure others who do frig 3 on a normal basis will have more insight for you.
Although healer isn’t the most suitable build for this classes, but there’s a possibility for we to do it. You can revise this guide to suit your own playing style. If you have any question about this guide or our products, please let me know. You can also build your Ecaflip a Buffer or a Damage Dealer if you want. If you have good idea about how to build a gruesome healer, you can also post your idea on our Twitter. Thank you very much. The St. Patrick’s Day is coming, whether there will be a big events or not is still TBA by Ankama. Waiting for our next Dofus Classes Build Guide here!
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