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FUT 22 Coins Player Auction News & Guides

Fifa 22 has the sophistication and polish we have come to expect

  2021-10-11 17:22:29
The newest edition of the FIFA franchise by EA Sports FIFA 22 is finally out and expectations are high due to some of the lackluster editions that have come out in past years.

Thankfully, with the recently released FIFA 22, things seem to be taking a turn for the better. Not only did EA Sports release a polished and updated game this year, but the features that are included add some big changes to pre-existing modes that are sure to leave fans happy to take the pitch.

Although you can quibble with the reasons why Fifa has managed to attain its unrivalled status, the main one is that it is the best football game going by a ludicrously wide margin and this year’s new HyperMotion feature is a perfect illustration of this. Rather than strap up a few famous players with motion-tracking bobbles in time-honoured fashion, the EA Sports team did effectively the same thing for an entire match and then ran the results through a genius AI algorithm. The PS5 and Xbox Series-exclusive result? Matches feel a whole lot more fluid to behold and you’re less likely to see players you don’t control do a David Luiz and lurch hopelessly out of position at exactly the wrong moment.

At its heart is EA Sports’ endlessly evolving match engine, which has historically favoured flashy moves and spectacular goals over tactical brilliance. The studio has made stuttering moves away from this model in the past, but Fifa 22 definitely feels more sober and structured than its predecessor. Improved ball physics, an array of new player animations and changes to the pace of turns and passes make for a game that encourages smart, patient buildup play, while the options to control and communicate with AI team-mates require you to keep a close eye on what everyone else is doing, utilising their little sleights and sprints in creative ways.

Essentially, everything in the game has been refreshed with this technology, resulting in 4,000 new animations, a number that EA Sports claims is the biggest refresh for any FIFA game ever. This includes everything from in-game set pieces, shooting, skill moves, passes, to more mundane things, like how players celebrate or get up from falling to the ground. The result is a huge change to the way playing the game feels.

EA also revamped the competitive side of FUT with a new system to qualify for the weekly competition, FUT Champions Weekend League. Instead of qualifying through wins gained throughout the week in division rivals, players can now accumulate points at their own pace and not be punished for losses in rivals matches.

Fifa 22 is absolutely unmistakably a Fifa game – it has the sophistication and polish we’ve come to expect, with all the player likenesses, authentic stadia and recognisable commentators we see every year.

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