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Devilian Gold News And Guides

  • What Can We Do After Shutdown of Devilian in 2018

    If the game Devilian shutdown tonight, what will you do? This is the most discussed question among gamers recently. Most of answers were sold their account or gold as soon as possible to retrieve some loss, while some gamers have different idea. There are a 14-year-old male gamers announced an astonishing post: He would join the development project...

    [2018-05-09 09:32:17]

  • Newest Devilian Evoker Mage DPS Build Guide for PvP & Dungeons

    Dungeon is an integral part of Devilian, most of time you do it with your friends or temporary squad, not because of the player quantity limitation, but due to the cooperation requirements if you want to complete it easier and faster. Evoker is one of the must-have class for a group that about to go a risky dungeon, they need the support of AoE of ...

    [2018-03-28 09:39:42]

  • Devilian 7.0 Berserker AoE DPS Build for PvP

    Devilian 7.0 Patch changed the glyph for win xp users, and Deviliangame have no more actions on glyph updates, features, or improvements for this version of glyph. Berserker is warrior like class in Trionworld game Devilian, wield a pair of blades or two-handed sword and wear plate armor, which enable them fight with massive powerful enemies, mobs,...

    [2018-02-24 09:43:48]

  • Devilian Class Intro of Cannoneer and Build Guide

    Devilian Cannoneer is a class equipped with ranged weapon with a cute model, but don’t be confused by its size, the explosive power of Cannoneer can be awesome! By utilizing Cannon Blast, Aimed Shots, Spark Trap, and Flame Call skills, Cannoneer can deal massive AoE damage to group of enemies, given the premise of you can lure all targets tog...

    [2018-01-30 09:50:17]

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