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League of Legends Riot Points News & Guides

Just Play ADC: LoL Annie Build Guide

   PC Games   MOBA   LoL Guide   2018-03-20 10:33:39
I’m not a big fan of Annie in League of Legends, but it doesn’t hinder me to make an Annie guide for you. To be honest, the best tip for you is to buy Cheap League of Legends Riot Points from Eacgame.com. Although tips I've mentioned are useful sometimes, but this one could be even helpful! Join Riot Games, join us Eacgame Affiliate Program!

LoL Annie Incinerate

Let me introduce the skills of Annie first
Pyromania: it’s a passive skill, lets your every 4th skills stun the target and all influenced enemies shortly. Tie knack of the skill is the stun of course, by do not look down the short stun, it could be used to break enemies’ brewing or casting or continuous running. Imagine someone was stunned by your skills, and he forget to direct his avatar run away immediately, it will not just delay him a few.
Disintegrate: cost some mana to cast a fireball to attack target. It’s awesome skill that could be no cost for mana, and the CD will be shortened by half if it kill the target. The trick is, when you are in group combat, use it to demolish the most weakened enemy, once handled it, continue your cast to second weak target. Think twice before you use it hit a healthy enemy. You need to maximize the function after your allies’ AoE.
Incinerate: It’s just an AoE, standard mage skill.
Molten Shield: Provide more DEF, and damage reflex. It only take into effect for 3 seconds, so precisely time it, that may save you from a severe gank or chaos.
Summon Tibbers: summon a bear fighting for you. It requires decent double thread operation ability. Put most of attention on you avatar still, and only direct your Tibbers when chasing weak enemies. It can help you jungle as well.

LOL Annie Tibbers Guide

If you want a passive level 1, start W and charge up your passive at start game at the fountain. At level 1 save that stun to counter any level 1 engage the opposing bot lane may try. I just noticed I was saying up there something like buy boots before level 6 but not on game start. Well, I'm not following this rule anymore. Always try to get the level 2 advantage and engage first, from there you gain lane dominance. Predator is very strong on Annie, it's just that Electrocute is also very strong.
I used to play Annie as supporter, but as a mage champion, she has ability to be DPS, it all depend on how you build it. After hitting level 6, you will have to try to under turret while Alivia pushes the lane with her ultimate. You can try to harass her with auto attacks and a random Q. But only build it as a DPS when you your attention. Our Cheap LoL RP will help you be gruesome player in League of Legends. Do not save your money to tolerate an annoying gameplay experience. The game should be played with fun and total relaxing.
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