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Blade & Soul Assassin Ambush DPS Gameplay Strategy

   Blade & Soul Gold   PC Games   MMORPG   Blade & Soul Guide   2018-03-20 10:47:26
Assassin is one of the most horrible class for others, because they won’t know when will a ambushed assassin will emerge to deprive his/her life. But one of the best method to avoid been taken away is to know how Assassin’s action habit in the game. If you know you enemies, you will conquest them finally. This Blade & Soul Assassin guide will be also effective for those who playing other classes. Be carefully, Assassin do have decent damage, but you can’t play it as you do on Blade Master or Destroyer. It’s frail build will destroy your fond dream.

Blade & Soul Assassin Build Tips

Sin currently has 3 skills to get into stealth without another party's help, if you are playing lightning build which I strongly assume that you are. Those would be 3 Shadow Slash, Hook Kick Tab and Fighting Spirit V. Assassin is the greatest DPS class in Blade & Soul as always. If you are a veteran of the Blade & Soul, you can sell your currency or account to us with a decent price. Although the game wasn't as popular as its release year, there are numerous of loyal gamers and beginners here everyday. So updating Blade & Soul Guide will be a life-long job for us. Make the last profit from the game! And the most hard class for your opponents to handle with. This setup is built for PVE. So if you want to switch to PVP there will be some changes. For PvP scenarios you want Knockdown on your Shadow Slash. Under hotkey F instead of Lightning Pierce you would pick Close Shave.
The next move is to invest at least 3 more skill points into Heart Stab in order to decrease focus cost to 2 points. That’s one-third cost reduction! Moreover, when you invest new skill points into this ability it will become stronger. Ambush for a fatal hit, do not appear before you have 100% confidence to kill the prey. Buy Cheap Blade & Soul Gold from Eacgame.com is the best choice for you to upgrade your game process and PvP win rate. Cram your target with a sharp knife or a poisoned blade. Note this is my set up for my alt before I can get hook kick once you get hook kick then you can just use it for after your 6s of stealth is done from shadow drain. It's a lot better for any cancel and you don't have to worry about focus. Congratulations! You’ve got the most useful tips in Blade & Soul, and that’s the biggest advantage you have among other gamers. With lightning pierce you run out of focus quickly.

Blade and Soul Assassin Skill Tree

Players who enjoy Rogue and Thief-oriented classes will enjoy Assassin for its quickness, outstanding burst damage, and unique ability to stealth. And Players need to be active in farming, scouting, and anti-ganking as well. Do not follow any hack tools online, the virus may compromise your account. Only follow our Eacgame.com Blade & Soul Guide for good. It is the best way to level up fast and become rich in the game easily! Be less killed is better than kill more. Do not rely on your partners absolutely, they are not always reliable, so fight for win by yourself.
Awesome, that the first kill you got in PvP in Blade & Soul, thanks for this handbook. Just read it carefully once again, you will felicitate you’ve finished this guide. Don’t miss our other guide for Blade & Soul, all contribute to your leveling or fighting in the game. You can introduce this MMORPG to your friends who had never touched this kind of games. The delicate character and plot setting will attract him/her deeply. Buy our Cheap and Safe and Fast Gold for your Assassin, get the good gears and skills. Share this guide to your close friends only!
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