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Blade & Soul is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by NCSOFT for PC, iOS, and Android devices in 2012. Blade & Soul features a combination of martial arts style combat and qinggong in an open-world map. Players create playable characters that explore around the world by doing quests assigned by in-game NPCs.After several title updates and patches, thegame now provides a highly customizable system and it has been stated that NPCs in the game were made with the character customization system.Blade & Soul Gold is the currency of the game, which you will need to buy/upgrade weapons, armors. In order to make more Blade And Soul Gold faster for a better leveling condition, gamers always farm endlessly in dungeons or complete quests. Now we Eacgame.com provide cheap and safe Blade & Soul Gold for gamers for all servers. We are the cheapest store to Buy BNS Gold. We’ll release coupon for you inside Blade& Soul guide and news. Have fun!

News And Guides

  • Blade & Soul Far From Dead Pro Gamers Waiting for Next Update to Pop

    NCSort is the developer and publisher of Blade & Soul, so we can make a bold prediction that they will end this game when it’s not profitable. But the date is far earlier for current version. There are new dungeons and rewards monthly. The 12 players raid mode will be added on July 25th update, all gamers on PC will enjoy this b...

    [2018-07-18 09:09:56]

  • Blade & Soul Tips for Showroom for PvE Gamers

    Blade & Soul features many classes doesn’t use blade as weapon, or main weapon, but if that is say they are not the main trend classes of this MMORPG? The answer certainly will be no. The vocabulary Blade only used for its abstract meaning – the fight. So do not blame that your Kung Fu Master or Summoner characters doesn&r...

    [2018-06-08 09:33:03]

  • Blade & Soul Developers Should Make Any Dungeon Difficulty Nerf Update

    When you are tired of cycling in farm works in Blade & Soul, You have to have a rest before you feel clear in front of your computer. My child used to used computer for studying or searching for learning materials online to improve his study achievements, when the time is now, child all keen on video games like Blade & Soul. I hav...

    [2018-05-30 09:10:21]

  • Blade & Soul Assassin Ambush DPS Gameplay Strategy

    Assassin is one of the most horrible class for others, because they won’t know when will a ambushed assassin will emerge to deprive his/her life. But one of the best method to avoid been taken away is to know how Assassin’s action habit in the game. If you know you enemies, you will conquest them finally. This Blade & Soul...

    [2018-03-20 10:47:26]

  • How to Be A Legit Summoner in Blade & Soul

    You can fly everywhere anytime you want in Blade & Soul if you have a pair of wings. Wings not only provide flying ability for owner, but also add extra attributes for gamers. There’s an unique class in Blade & Soul, they never face enemies face by face, but they summon heap of power thugs to fight for them and block attacks...

    [2018-02-11 09:45:39]

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