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Blade & Soul Tips for Showroom for PvE Gamers

   Simulation Games   Blade & Soul Guide   ARPG   2018-06-08 09:33:03
Blade & Soul features many classes doesn’t use blade as weapon, or main weapon, but if that is say they are not the main trend classes of this MMORPG? The answer certainly will be no. The vocabulary Blade only used for its abstract meaning – the fight. So do not blame that your Kung Fu Master or Summoner characters doesn’t feature a blade like weapon that seemed not an orthodox class in the game. For example, healer always wield wand to cast healing or assistive spells to allies, you won’t want to see they holding a blade or knife while rescuing your partners right?

B&S Lost Continen

Water is the resource of life, so does it in Blade & Soul, water element damage is hardest to defend. Along with the free oils, change every "expired" event soul to 100% mileage so everyone who worked so hard to get a soul is rewarded for all the time invested. This event has been so unrewarding and frustrating. Even if veteran gamers don’t know how to save money while Buy Cheap Blade & Soul Gold from online stores. Events should be the opposite of that. I shouldn't even have to point this out. You can't decide for everybody what is offensive and what isn't.
The same, this time you bring them back leave them in the store. Seriously you guys are the only ones I know of that doesn't keep the costumes updated in the store. Losing out on a lot of money by doing so. We should have multiple costumes available to select from, at least a new set of rotation or add more of the permanent outfits every month. Stutters phenomenon occurred more frequently than last year no matter how well your computer’s hardware is, every time if a new player enters within certain range of you as it has to now load everything what that person does and depending on the internet speeds of both players. I personally want to decide for myself if something is offensive or not and take action on my own through the block spammer tool that NCSoft provided for such situations.
A greater pan for you to make the soul really costly to attain then this RNG stupidity. At least it would've been fair for everyone. Equal rewards for equal effort. So much time and effort pissed away. If you're not part of the 4 players, run! Run your pets away from the boss, maybe play tag with the other person that isn't part of the group. If you don’t try, you will never know how powerful you are or how easy the Cheap B&S Gold can be get. You'd want to be as far away from the boss as possible, so when in dangerous please stay at the camp together with non-team players, and try to get closed with Blade Master and Warlock classes gamers who may provide protections for you and your partners.

Blade & Soul Costume & Mods

The Eternal Night Update is available for PC gamers, but due to the importance rank and  the limited time and space we are not going to release the guide for you this time, but we will continue to complete those content next release, please wait for a while. Tip for every B&S gamer, you need a professional game guide station but two will be excessive, just favorite our site and keep following our news. If you deem our article useless you can also buy our Cheap BnS Gold, they are the authentic product and safety guaranteed. 
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