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Tree of Savior Tips for Choosing Sword for Healer Build Monk

   Tree of Savior Guide   PC Games   Simulation Games   Strategy Games   2018-06-09 09:20:00
I always watching Tree of Savior PvP videos on YouTube, there are class called Monk, they use laser like attacking method to deal damage to target. Most of Monk avatar features a shield and they seldom engaged in melee combat, they need to keep distance with enemies and cast some pitfalls and deal fatal skills to target when opponents get trapped by your traps. Monk cannot be played/built as a DPS entirely, healer is the best destination for this class.


Cleric and Priest are suitable for this class, but how do I bankroll these builds? No one talks about how expensive most are to be even viable unless someone asks specifically. So you need our Cheap Tree of Savior Gold from the best store online. I think that's a big problem in this game because people see an awesome build that draws them into the game, but they don't realize you need hundreds of millions of silver to bankroll many of these builds. So they quit after they realize they put too many hours into something that needs Silver.
You can change your profession later on, Oracle, PD, and Kabba are the best choice for you, which have the ability to increase your Looting Chance when equipped. These Gems are rarer than other types of Gems and can be equipped on top, bottom, weapon, sub weapon, boots and gloves equipment items. A long time ago someone traded me a hair accessory, but now I don't want to wear it anymore, yet I can't seem to discard the item? I've tried putting it in storage, putting in market, selling to NPC, throwing it on the ground, using it as gem fodder, but I can't do any of it. The reason why I conbine the Oracle and Kabba build is this is the most comprehensive and powerful build that has no shortages that obvious to be against.
Do not get carried away too far, let’s think about the leveling up problem. Yhat its abilities might be a little less powerful compared to other rank 9 classes and I say rank 9 because they are the second circle of rank 8 classes. I hate farm mobs but prefer doing quests and fight in PvP. That's pretty much the standard build, except replacing hop3 with barb. Hop 3 gives higher fenestra, and 10 more hits on stabbing. So I choose to Get Cheap ToS Silver from Eacgame.com, one of old brand site I always visit. I'm not sure about sacrificing a hop rank just for cleave. Oh yeah imp already there, it’s just that vie farmed my way up to 350 using that event weapon so only now imp getting to browse through the market to find a weapon worth refining.

ToS Advancement

Meta build Monk in Tree of Savior utilize more means to attack/defend, while sacrifice characteristics like healing or DPS abilities. I prefer to choose two or three key points to cultivate, so that I won’t put all eggs in same basket. Skills like Iron Skin, Double Punch, and Energy Blast etc., all suitable for a reliable healer Monk in Tree of Savior. But the concrete skills list should be depend on yourself. We Eacgame.com Tree of Savior Guide can only teach you how to generate a decent character instead of generate a decent character for you.
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