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Tree of Savior Silver News & Guides

Tree of Savior Build Guide for All Classes

   Tree of Savior Guide   2018-01-20 10:50:23
Tree of Savior is a MMORPG developed by IMC Games, published by Nexon for PC in 2016. Now the game has been in service for more than two years, if you haven’t join the fantasy world, today is a decent time for you to join the worldie popular free-to-play online video game. There are more than 60 classes in the game, all opened for gamers to choose to play, and the game enables gamers to build up an unique avatar that differs from other gamer’s same class character. PvP gameplay in the game follows another acronym as TBL represents “Team Battle League” in Tree of Savior. As for gameplay, I’ll let you know later on in this guide. For more ToS Guide for Leveling, Dungeons, Mounts, and Trading, just note our site Eacgame.com.

ToS Guide for Beginners

For long-time played, one of the most hated parts of the game would be the tutorial. They can’t be blamed, as they’ve been either used to games with similar mechanics, or they prefer to figure everything out by themselves, and they hate it even more if it can’t be skipped. Thankfully, Tree of Savior lets you cut class and jump right into the action. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in Tree of Savior Silver. We Eacgame.com not only update most professional Tree of Savior Silver Guide for our customers, but also Cheapest ToS Silver as well. The tutorials can be quite a pain, especially if you’re pretty quick on the pickup. However, it’s definitely worth going through, as it would boost you up to level 7. If you that not worthy for several levels, then you should know that the lowest mob levels are at lv.6.
The Lv.200 dungeon isn’t so worthy for you to clear in you’ve leveled up to lv.210. Instead do a level 170 dungeon, it gives much more exp per run. Alemeth Forest can be reached much faster than Evacuation Residential District. However Alemeth Forest can be very challenging and difficult to survive. So we Eacgame.com come and help you to get through the tough stage of the game by offering Cheapest Tree of Savior Silver for all of our customers. These zones have also quests that award with high level exp cards. You should point out that the dungeon doesn’t give exp bonus per se. What it does is to balance the exp you gain when you are in a party so you don’t lose exp for sharing. That’s why the “bonus” decreases when fewer people is in the dungeon.
When you complete all dungeons that available to you, for the day you will want to start doing the quests around your level using the BetterQuest add-on and explore each zone you quest in using the map fog viewer add-ons. If you ask me where is the best place to Buy Tree of Savior Silver, I'll reply Eacgame.com. Of course, every veteran Tree of Savior Silver gamer knows our site. We've been trading ToS for more than five years. Stop hesitating and Get Safe Tree of Savior Silver from us. Explored zones reward cards from the wings of Npc in Either starting town and these cards can be received on your account. They added a tons of quests to the game recently so don't worry about saving exp cards, you can pop them when you get them.

Tree of Savior Guide for 2018 News Version

Your ToS Silver is precious so never overuse it on unnecessary items in the ToS, and the money you would spend on a decked out 15 weapon with upgrades would be better spent on a level 40 or 75 weapon and its upgrades, especially level 75. And good weapons for that level are not cheap, not to mention their high upgrade prices. Now you can also get Free Tree of Savior Silver by join our Affiliate Program. And you can earn an extra income from the best online game currency store. Always keep following the main line store scenario quest, this is important because a lot of directions may relate to your position based on what step of the main quest you are on.
All three rooms will refreshed with heaps of mobs in Royal Mausoleum Works Lodge, that will allow you to level pretty quick in a decently skilled party. According to Till, you’ll have about six full minutes of non-stop monster grinding that can blast you up to level 75 if you aren’t there already. So if you can’t grind at the Constructor’s Chapel between level 70 and 85, you should use EXP cards after grinding or questing up to 78 or 80s and use them until lv.85.
Eacgame.com is one of the best store for ToS Gold and Cheap ToS Silver Recharge service. If that is the first time you buying ToS Silver or any other online game currency, please follow our FAQ and ask our online support service for help if you have any questions of difficulties during the ordering process in case of make an invalid order so that waste your precious time. Buy Tree of Savior Silver online, we are the best seller, who also provide all-inclusive ToS guides for you. 
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