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Tree of Savior Silver News & Guides

Tree of Savior Shadowmancer Walkthrough for all Wizard Gamers

   Tree of Savior Guide   2018-03-08 15:10:16
Wizard is one of the main DPS class in Tree of Savior, and also its advanced classes, i.e. Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Elementalist, Warlock, Sage and so on. No matter which level a wizard is in, it utilize magical skills as their main attacking method. Wizard is one of the most rookie-friendly class, it’s easy to master even if you are a new gamer of the Tree of Savior. Resort to its ranged skills, gamers can easily defeat mobs in a long distance. So you won’t engaged in melee combat when you are in initial stages. Wizard is be favored by most of rookies, because this class looks cool and powerful. One thing important, Wizard’s skills are easy to be create cool, than warrior class, because magic is an abstract concept.

Tos Build Guide Wizard

If you are blank totally, then you need know these are the current 4 main branches in Mage Build or most popular now, they are best in the respective area, you can't go wrong with them as beginner. They are Tier 1 Class Build in game for the respective area. Your altitude depends on your attitude, casual gamers won't reach the peak of the game's leaderboard. So grind if you want to make more Tree of Savior Silver, do not read too much guides that won't help a lot. Be friendly. If you are a priest, heal people dying. If you are an archer and you see a cleric trying to kill a monster, do not steal it, usually priests go for full sup, so it’s hard for you to kill mobs, don't make it harder.
I think I call this a Traveler build, it is pretty solo build with bunch of summons/companions and sustain ability, Linker is a MUST because Summons AI is pretty stupid, Linker to make them hit more effective despite their randomness attack, it also BEST Synergy with Feather foot because of their Single Target spell. You can replace FF with Warlock for more damage. Buy Cheap ToS Silver from Eacgame.com. Read more guide for hot online games, keep following our site. Thus, leveling repeatedly a class is good if the new skills fit you, or the previous skills are so good they are worth another 5 levels. which is a fast limitless AoE Melee physical move let you shoot a barrage of ice shards on the enemy and is by far one of the most powerful spell combo in the game as of now. Note that Psychic pressures also activates a hidden feature in Pyromancer Fireball, which lets it explode rapidly in an AoE around itself.
Never forget this point: this is by no means all the information to know about these skills. Several skills have attribute-added effects that have significant effects on how they work and attributes affect cast time, CD, and SP usage depending on the skill and attribute. I’ve taught you all tricks I knew in Tree of Savior, you can share yours to me so that I can re-share them to gamers of our site. You can also buy Safe Tree of Savior Silver here. Now 10m Tos Silver priced $33 for you. Thank you for your generous behavior. Now the first part of the Tree of Savior Guide has ended, the following content will be more fantastic. Do not explore maps or dungeons that higher than your level, unless you teamed up with veteran companions. Further information on these facets is best seen on the skills' individual pages on ToS Base.

Tree of Savior Wizard Guide 2018

ToS Wizard Guide help you to master Hallucination, Shadow Pool, and Earthquake and many other gruesome AoE skill to defeat your enemies in PvP or PvE. Never afraid of been defeat by others, there will be stronger wizard in the game, some of them played earlier than you, some of them spend money in the game, some of them play day and night. Just enjoy the joy of the game, win isn’t everything. The basic skills are important, such as Quick Cast, it will reduce the brewing time of a skill, imagine when enemies are approaching to you, to save 0.1s may help you get through a tough melee combat. You can make a mob sleep, you can create a shield to protect yourself. You can also buy Cheap ToS Silver from Eacgame.com, which is the best store for you in 2018. 
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