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Tree of Savior Silver News & Guides

Tree of Savior Fast Leveling Guide from Zero to Hero

   Tree of Savior Guide   Simulation Games   ARPG   2018-04-17 09:55:50
Although I dislike to watch or follow any tutorial in the beginning of an online game, I still recommend you of this Tree of Savior Guide, because there are many of you guys aren’t veteran of online video games, you don’t know the knacks. Leveling alone you may deviate from the lane, while having our useful guide will ensure you of on the road towards success. Join us Eacgame.com Affiliate Program to earn more ToS Silver or real money from playing Tree of Savior. I won’t explain the tips inside the game even more clearly, if you can’t understand them you may need to play by yourself for a short term to get familiar with the game so that you will meet difficulties and you can come back here for help.

ToS UI Intro

Running won’t cost you any points or silver. Use this feature to refresh buffs and repair equipment. To prevent full raid reset keep 1 party member inside at all times. You should point out that the dungeon doesn’t give exp bonus per se. Once you got your multiply tokens and 8x EXP tome ready, use them on the level 300 dungeon. If you want to have a show time but you cannot ensure whether you can success or not, just go without hesitating. Tons of ToS Silver are waiting for you here, buy some before you make a hit. To maximize the effectiveness of the grind, by the time you're doing demon prison I recommend 3 headgears with some elemental damage, an upgraded any necklace and an are dagger and a cafrisum set. Cryomancer fits into this build because since Sorcerer and Necromancer's summons will be scaling with Spirit.
When in Raid you can use Soul Crystal. Soul crystal use count is shared with each party member. Fortunately, the Kingdom’s divine spirits are known to be gentle and temperate, allowing the Onmyo Master a certain degree of freedom in his work. On the other hand, the burden of communicating with the divine spirits is one he shares with the Mike Master, whose carefree personality at times hinders his intentions. I know there are instanced dungeons, but queuing for party sometimes take long, and even so, I get like 1 level per run, and the mercenary is like less than a level per run. Run to Tenet Garden, grab statue, kill a few things or use those early exp cards to level up fast.
First you receive the “Gift Box” by finding the Good Kid every day and giving it its present. Grind Fadiman outskirts hallow vendors and quests, get the quest from Cobden that leads to the last turn in at dungeon entrance but don’t turn in! Not everyone can make it, this method is really difficult and demanding. You can skip it and buy our Cheap Tree of Savior Silver with lowest price on the Earth. It is a very useful warp point to warp to the 170 dungeon. After you have done all the dungeons available to you for the day you will want to start doing the quests around your level using the Better Quest add-on and explore each zone you quest in using the map fog viewer add-on.

Tree of Savior Skills Wall

Some of the tips are related to leveling skills, some aren’t. But all of them are contributing to your leveling affairs, after all, level is the most important index in more than 90% of online games. Tree of Savior players can be stronger greatly by leveling up, by equip advanced gears, learn/promote skills etc. Quests are one of the best way for you to level up fast alongside funny, while farming mobs are tedious and may destroy the game easily. Levels below 120 can be deemed as low level, the really hard period is from 150 to 180, and which is the theme that our Eacgame.com ToS guides focused on. 
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