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Simulation Games

  • Trove Bomber Royale Mode Comes from Trion Worlds This Summer

    Control your Trove avatar by WSAD or direction keys on your keyboard to maneuver your character in the map. Other hot keys we won’t list here due to the limited time and space. Jump and jump, Spacebar key let you get to higher altitude in the game. You won’t get some new skills or permission to equip new gears from leveling up, your lev...

    [2018-07-09 10:05:34]

  • Roblox 2018 July Top Rated & Played Game – Jailbreak Topped on List

    I’ve preload the Jailbreak this afternoon and will try it this night. I used to prefer some little games like escape series, so that I can train my patience, I used to be quick to give up after several times of failures. I move to what I excel in and that seemed not too bad, but the satisfaction after conquering a difficult also attractive. T...

    [2018-07-06 09:15:54]

  • Forza Motorsport 7 Paint Your Car Body By Your Favorite Color & Pattern on Xbox One X

    Forza Motorsport 7 is the best car racing online game on consoles, lmao, Microsoft acquiesced games to buy some cheaper items like credits from some illegal site like Eacgame.com. formidable opponents like Bugatti or McLaren are expensive so you won’t encounter them frequently. Just drive your Ford RS on the wild road to drift every corners a...

    [2018-06-27 09:13:08]

  • FIFA Mobile World Cup Champions Challenges Available Live Events

    New versus available in FIFA Mobile World Cup Update last week when 2018 World Cup begins. Although Argentina lose their match against Croatia ended with 0:3 disastrous defeat, Messi is about to comeback home soon, but IMO he will watch out all surplus matches on spectator seats, after all it’s not his fault. Messi is just a Right Winger, no ...

    [2018-06-23 09:10:33]

  • NBA 2K19 Solution: How to Retrieve MyCareer Archive After Using Supermodifier

    Lifelong rival the NBA 2K series and NBA Live series, will show us the final winner of these two basketball video game franchise this September. Many said Live was failed in the 2-years-vacant debut, but result doesn’t overwhelming. This time, 2K sports felt the great pressure from challenge from EA Sports, they should come back after so long...

    [2018-06-22 09:03:25]

  • Kritika Online Hot Time Event Week 2 Released in June

    Kritika Online is the best type of fighting game in the online game market that all teens and adults love the game and play it everyday. If you think the King of Fighter series are funny, you will love the Kritika Online franchise too. You can play with gamers from around the world on computer, exchange skills and share your experience to other gam...

    [2018-06-13 10:19:36]

  • NHL 19 Wishlist and Recommend for Devs Could Make HUT Better

    NHL 19 maybe is the best ice hockey video game on PS4, we Xbox One gamers can also play it if buy it from Xbox Store. It’s also called EA Sports NHL 19 by gamers who love EA Sports since the debut of the console exclusive game. We need your support and the same, you need our Cheap NHL 19 Coins and Guides. Do not farm by yourself, that will ru...

    [2018-06-12 09:27:42]

  • Tree of Savior Tips for Choosing Sword for Healer Build Monk

    I always watching Tree of Savior PvP videos on YouTube, there are class called Monk, they use laser like attacking method to deal damage to target. Most of Monk avatar features a shield and they seldom engaged in melee combat, they need to keep distance with enemies and cast some pitfalls and deal fatal skills to target when opponents get trapped b...

    [2018-06-09 09:20:00]

  • Blade & Soul Tips for Showroom for PvE Gamers

    Blade & Soul features many classes doesn’t use blade as weapon, or main weapon, but if that is say they are not the main trend classes of this MMORPG? The answer certainly will be no. The vocabulary Blade only used for its abstract meaning – the fight. So do not blame that your Kung Fu Master or Summoner characters doesn’t fea...

    [2018-06-08 09:33:03]

  • Albion Online Island Sharing System Provide Further Funny for Gamers

    Albion Online is the most interesting online game I’ve ever played on computer, but there are numerous funnier games on consoles and mobile phone I know. Download the install file from official site Sandbox Interactive GmbH, than double left click the file to initial the install process. The starter packs are useless, but seem attractive for ...

    [2018-06-02 09:27:20]

  • Blade & Soul Developers Should Make Any Dungeon Difficulty Nerf Update

    When you are tired of cycling in farm works in Blade & Soul, You have to have a rest before you feel clear in front of your computer. My child used to used computer for studying or searching for learning materials online to improve his study achievements, when the time is now, child all keen on video games like Blade & Soul. I have to say i...

    [2018-05-30 09:10:21]

  • Dungeon Fighter Online Controller Connection Guide on PC

    Dungeon Fighter Online is the best Action Role-Playing Game I’ve ever tried during the past decade, and till now I’ve introduced it to surpass one hundred friend of mine with no leading. The developer Neople isn’t a famous or notable company in the world, but it’s well-known in South Korea since they made the aforementioned ...

    [2018-05-29 09:50:14]

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