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FIFA Mobile World Cup Champions Challenges Available Live Events

   FIFA Mobile Guide   Mobile Games   Sports Games   Simulation Games   2018-06-23 09:10:33
New versus available in FIFA Mobile World Cup Update last week when 2018 World Cup begins. Although Argentina lose their match against Croatia ended with 0:3 disastrous defeat, Messi is about to comeback home soon, but IMO he will watch out all surplus matches on spectator seats, after all it’s not his fault. Messi is just a Right Winger, no a Striker or CAM Ronaldo. But the passing chance is really too low to match his ability, only 33 even lesser than their GK. There must be many suicides last night.


The pros of the WC mode was being able to use your primary squad, Now I simply can’t spend ten hours a day paying attention and grinding World Cup Mode tiers with a heap of different teams. It's too much of a grindy task and honestly I think that was the last nail in the coffin of this event's failure. Do you know the Cheapest Store for Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins? It’s never too late to buy coins from us. They probably halved the number of people that will play this mode now. How to subdue your enemy from scoring long shot becomes the staple subject.
The match time should be reduced, we have no time to play a full size football even in weekends. At least they reduced the OVR requirements for tier 3. But I think this mode has killed the core game, no one will have the passion to play it after WC Mode ends because it’s essentially a whole other game. La Liga rival player which is unsanctionable, there are limited option of golden ticket card such as Messi and two versions of icon van basted, icon players are collectable and valuable for showing off, and there is obviously the Korean, EA wants to make the mobile phone game funnier and lucrative as well.
SBCs in FIFA Mobile are simple, and just added this this, do not use rare cards to make the squad, Ireland at 85 because it was my first team and the team I was trying to get to 85 before they changed tier 3. well it's a parallel event, free-to-play beginners can claim some rewarding experience being able to compete a bit. We hope every game can get Cheap FM Coins with safety guarantee. It seems we are kind of forced to spend our FP just to basically improve our 1 or 2 main teams - Not really digging this event and now there is not going to be anything else to do in the main game as long as you can master all your elite players.

FIFA Mobile World Cup

We know this time all football fans focus on the World Cup and no one cares about the game, but if you have no time watching live stream(cuz it is hold in Russia so US audience will have a time difference). But FIFA and FIFA Mobile are probably the two games that influenced by the football feast most slightly, cuz it’s football game, so gamers on speculator seats may play the game when it’s in break. So you can install this game for your iPad, it’s the best device for you to play it for its large screen and high resolution. 
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