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Blade & Soul Gold News & Guides

Blade & Soul Guide Tips: Making More Blade and Soul Gold

   Blade & Soul Gold   2018-01-16 09:16:45
Great guide made great character in Blade & Soul, every one plays the game need awesome guide written by veteran gamer, in order to avoid detour far in Blade and Soul. Not everyone can be rich by striving in the game, only if he/she select the best profession class in the game.

Blade and Soul Gold Making Guide

Let’s start from The soul shield researcher guild is the best end-game profession. End-game players demands this highly and since soul shield crafts are being used for fusing, it becomes very popular. The pottery guild and the soul shield researcher guild are a very good combination. We are the best site for acquiring most professional Blade & Soul Guide online. Keep following us! And we will publish huge discount code for our buyers from time to time. Not only does this allow you to craft your own materials, but both guilds can also be ensured to have very high-demand items for you to sell at all stages of the game.
Choose Crafting Guild with Radiant Ring and Earth Seer for fast but low income with creating Sealing Charm and Key for yourself or sell it in Market. This is very effective because this game RNG is very sucks and a lot of people need key or charm for get breakthrough weapon in middle or high level. Hit level 45 as fast as possible and do daily quest that rewards 9 Blade & Soul Gold per time at least from the reward and selling Soul Stone, you can make a lot of alt character to do this so you can get an easy gold to focus on your main character weapon.
The auction house plays an important role in Blade and Soul. You will use it to sell the crafts and found materials you acquire in dungeons. Blade and Soul has a very rapid early game up to 45 and then a long, slow grind period afterward. But don’t worry, we Eacgame.com is a professional and comprehensive Blade and Soul News station. We also offer Cheap BNS Gold for you. This a the best supplement for you. So as you start off, you will not need the auction house when you are in low level, aside from buying some important items if you cannot find them yourself. But as you get further in, you will need to use the auction house to buy more and more materials and sell things of your own.

BladeSoul Dungeon Farming Guide

There are six major end-game dungeons that you can clear every day for gold and lucrative tradable loots. If you have a character that excellent in AoE combat, then your farming process can be more quickly. just attract mobs in the dungeon into a big group and then deal them all out for one hit. If you are a class that has weaker defenses and is worse at AoE like the Assassin, then you will need to pull fewer monsters at the same time. Worthy mentioned, the Blade & Soul Gold 3%-off coupon “EACVIP” will help you making more Blade & Soul Gold from the best store Eacgame.com. Turn back to the guide, this process will provide you with experience as well as gold, so you can move towards the level cap. It is generally better to try to solo dungeons instead of doing them as a group, but this is not always possible.
Eacgame.com was known for its fast delivery, safe payment, Cheap Blade & Soul Gold. We never sell hacked gold to gamers, while some awful stores did that. Now the BNS Gold is on sale, do not miss it. Keep following us for most timely news and guides of Blade and Soul. Wish you can get more gold by reading this article, tyvm!
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