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SoulWorker Dzenai News & Guides

Quick Way to Level Up SoulWorker Characters without Dzenai Expenditure

   MMORPG   Soul Worker Guide   2018-05-06 09:09:19
If there are any funnier mode in SoulWorker for gamers to team up with others to initial a group combat with other teams in the arena stage. We are glad to post some professional guide for Soulworker gamers to level up faster than previous by themselves. If you have good tips for starters to gain exp faster in the game, please share your idea with us, huge discount code for SoulWorker Dzenai are waiting for you now. We hope this walkthrough will help you achieve your dream soon.

Soul Worker MEGA GUIDE

How to Choose Class?
If you see a skill at Lv0 or 2, or at Lv5 but the extension isn't taken, it either means that the skill/extension in question is deemed not useful, OR it's down to your preference whether you want to take it or not. This time Cheap SoulWorker Dzenai will prohibit gamers utilizing this awesome trick to get reward. Farming and Forging will be detouring in the game. There’re no perfect plan to solve this problem yet, but you can ignore it. Specifics will be provided within each class's category. You gain extra XP for each party members running with you. Don't group with higher level people though as it'll have the reverse effect. When you reach level 59 and finish the quest-line until Dreadful Echo in Grasscover camp, you get a red quest from Miriam, Martin or Tenebris still in Grasscover, that gives you access to class advancement when you complete it.
Farming Tips & Suggestions
Allows you to roll away after being knocked down by pressing. You are invincible while rolling. seems like the spawn chance will be somewhat higher after you've cleared the episode, and even higher after you've cleared the maze. Just one question, where and how can you participate on events? Posting some photos/screenshots will be very much appreciated. I also recorded a video for it for people that would rather a verbal guide instead. Few months ago it became possible to play the game without having a verified account, you will however, not be able to buy cash currency unless your account is verified, in which case you would have to follow the instructions above.

SoulWorker Forum Guide

Forgo Auxiliaries Relentlessly
Rather long CD to use to gain SG effectively on single bosses, but on multiple enemies it's a godsend when Blow Up is on CD. Level at your own discretion. After the game is released and I can judge differences, this guide will be updated and maintained accordingly. We always hide discount code in our news and guides, check our previous SoulWorker Dzenai Farming Guide to find more Coupon. Here is another useful tip for you to make awesome hit. I will also be releasing AR card recommendations and gearing recommendations eventually. Also make sure to always party up when you can with people of your level.
SoulWorker is one of the most popular MMORPG games and ARPG in the market that provide Best fighting experience for gamers and rich story line for gamers to enjoy in the cyberspace. We can communicate with each other with our experience in the game SoulWorker to get improved together, and also join the same guild to be partner to do some quests together to enhance the efficiency. Buy SoulWorker Dzenai from us Eacgame.com to enjoy the better game. Thank you for your viewing.
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