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SoulWorker Dzenai News & Guides

Soulworker Costume Show Becomes New Boosting Point of Fandom

   PC Games   Soul Worker Guide   2018-06-29 09:22:43
If you want to watch an anime movie but you have not enough patience to complete it, you need some stimulation. The game Soulworker provides moderate excitement and content for you to digest those interesting and meaningful stories and plots. If you don’t believe the background story you just forget them, those are just an excuse for the reasonability of the plots and enable the successive scenarios. Lion Games appointed Smilegate, Hangame, Gameforge to release this game for them worldwide by any means. But the progress is slower than their expectation. What’s going wrong?


Nothing goes wrong but the game’s own content cannot arouse gamers’ attention and interest in US and EU, this week they fix two-three translation lines, next week they finally take a look at community achievements. Also, I don't quite understand what's your problem since you do a poor job at explaining it. Just so you know, if you have already redeem a coupon belonging to this giveaway from another site and used it on your account. Japanese or Korean culture are widely different from western world, so it’s normal to see that result. Don't think anyone from Publisher or developers ever mentioned anything about countering inflation in game. There is couple of threads discussing issue, but no official words been heard. Only vague statements like that Community Manager has directed issues forward.
Those who have purchased Cheap Soulworker Dzenai from third party sources or cheaters are some of the main people who are constantly causing this inflation, of course there are some people that managed to make it to the top legitimately. But by satisfying their own greed they are killing the game they supposedly love. Take some measures to prevent your character Haru Estia or Stella Unibell from being surpassed by your friends. But how to chase up your friends who play more hours than you every day? Limited items and for people who didn’t take advantage of it being available during said time, people can put it at any price they want. Basic Supply and Demand. And if it’s a uncommon item, you can make any price you want, for example Weapon Upgrade Chips. At first you may think that the flower was just put there as a purely artistic decoration, but I believe that it's a pretty important element, since through the language of flowers, it may be connected to the feeling the SoulWorker is supposed to represent. They farm more and get more exp, but to PvP also requires sufficient capital to support your weapon and armor crafting career.

Soulworker Costume Wear

Soulworker also suitable for male gamer, doesn’t as the advertising picture that only girls who love the handsome male character in the game. Sony Entertainment also knew the current phenomenon of their new game, but they have no idea to promote it cuz their analysts gave the judgment that the game’s market will be limited to minor fandom in western and much smaller than SEA districts. We Eacgame.com help gamers to get more DZ with cheap price, do not miss the bargain. 
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