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Light’s Hope Gold News & Guides

The Reason You Play Classic WoW Light's Hope Why Not Blizzard Official Server

   PC Games   MMORPG   2018-06-28 09:23:18
Light’s Hope is an old version of WoW, but some games just prefer to play this kind of WoW. For me, I love official server cuz there’re more gamers, I can meet gamers above/under my level and same with me, here and there, in Silvermoon, Stormwind, Shattrath, Thunder Bluff, Undercity and more places there are gamers do quests or farming mobs. But when camera turns to Light’s Hope, there are hard to find/create a standard size of squad. Gamers always raise question why you play Light’s Server, and answers can be summarized as Causality, Memory, and Pureness of WoW Legacy Server.


We never encourage our customers playing Light’s Hope, but they willing to continue the out-of-date game. Raiding will of course exist in Classic. How could they not? But, as an early advocate for a legacy server and someone who has closely watched how this has played out over the years, raiding was rarely mentioned by the legacy server advocates. When WoW vanilla server gamers mocking at other legacy server gamers, the sense of superiority will lead them to halt their pace of progressing. I have a small list of ideas that I have seen/been a part of making that would be great for balancing classic so that most classes can play as they like without taking away from the whole of the game. I also understand that most of these have been discussed alone, so I want to have a discussion with all of it on the table. Guild members are the backbone of a regular team. I loved being part of a close knit community, and actually meaning something. People wanted me to heal them because they knew the run was going to be smooth if I was their healer. Blizzard Entertainment acquiesced the existence of legacy server, not because don’t want to but due to they don’t want to hurt fans’ emotion, who may come back official serve from time to time. Just like I loved to have certain specific tanks because I knew they were going to make my life easier. Very unique terrain with the small, rolling, tree studded hills. Love the little hard quest deep in the marsh there. Buy Cheap Light’s Hope Gold from Eacgame.com, service quality guaranteed. The little camp by the lake in the mountains bordering the Burning Steppes; you would fly over it when taking a gryphon to Stormwind from anywhere north. I remember spending an inordinate amount of time there before Cataclysm because I knew it wouldn't be the same to be able to just fly up there.

WoW Classic Version & Legacy Server

Light’s Hope provides fast leveling experience and high drop rate for gamers. So the farming efficiency will be decent, for every hit you may get abundant loots items and gold. When you get tired you can make breads and drinks by yourself if you are mage class, those skills are attainable at low level. Silvermoon is a decent farming map, but don’t steps in The Death Scar arbitrarily, mobs there are powerful. Please check your order information before submit, although we support 100% refund for invalid orders it will take up to 2 workdays.
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