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  • Five Madden NFL 19 Unwanted New Features But Confirmed

    Madden NFL 19 is forthcoming soon this year, no one confirmed this thread but we believe our prediction. There are some new features imagined by our lovely fans, but most of those good wishes won’t come true, and most likely to exist in their minds only forever. There are some confirmed job’s news of Madden 19 that gamers will never exp...

    [2018-04-02 09:32:20]

  • 2018 April Threads of News of NHL 19 Secret Announcement

    There won’t be any secret or unknown story of the upcoming sports video game NHL 19, which will most likely be developed and announced by the previous publisher EA Sports. The franchise seemed run out of their fuel in previous products, and just left behind with some remained tricks which were also borrowed from FIFA franchise, and resort to ...

    [2018-04-02 09:24:39]

  • NBA 2K18 Anticipation for Neighborhood MyPark Online Mode

    What do you think about the MyPark mode in NBA 2K18? Do you think it’s one of the best design among all sports video games now? No matter how many video games you’ve played, the most funny one will be NBA 2k18 undoubtedly. Although there’s a game called NBA Live 18, but it seemed not enough to be a paralleled rival for 2K franchis...

    [2018-03-31 10:01:25]

  • SoulWorker Haru Estia Skills Introduction and Building Strategy for PvP

    Haru Estia is a female character aged 17 in SoulWorker. She’s a kindhearted but timid girl features great momentum in life. When in dangerous, Haru Estia tend to be too nervous to arrange effective resistance and keep calm. All gameplay contents are covered with a deep and obvious Japanese anime style design and visual experience. When you ar...

    [2018-03-29 09:34:03]

  • FIFA 19 How to Steal Ball from Defenders?

    Defense is the gist of football, to master this part you win the whole match or even whole season. We often saw 0:0 or 1:0 withdraw in football matches, especially for a pair of well-matched teams. In order to break this kind of tedious phenomenon, you can try this guide’s methods to steal ball from opponent defenders when they are passi...

    [2018-03-27 08:45:37]

  • FIFA 18 92-Rated CAM Kaka SBC Cheapest Lineups for Both Consoles

    The SBC contains: Rewards + Challenges   Rewards contains: 92 Rated Kaka + Prime Gold Players Pack + Premium Gold Jumbo Pack   Challenges contains: FOR CLUB… + … AND COUNTRY   In order to let you know how precious the CAM IF is, I give you the specific stats of the card here. A CAM with 85 Pace, 91 Shooting, 89 Pa...

    [2018-03-21 09:11:29]

  • NBA 2K19 Guide: How to Farm for More MT by Matches & Quests

    NBA 2K19 is the successor of NBA 2K18, which will burden the sales volume of 2K Sports product line in 2018-2019 fiscal year. Whether the NBA 2K19 will continue the legend of NBA 2K franchise or not, it’s not our business, we just care about the game itself. Whether the career mode of the game will be lasts long with substantial contents, or ...

    [2018-03-10 09:32:22]

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