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Revelation Online is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by NetEase, one of most famous video game company in China. It is published by My.com in EU and NA in 2017. The game combines PvP and PvE in a fantasy Chinese style virtual world, inspired by the books of the Chinese writer Jiang Nan. The game features a large, seamless, open world map with unrestricted flight. Only dungeons, battlefields and guild bases are instanced. Players are free to navigate through the world with wings, mounts or the teleport system between cities. We promise cheap price, fast transaction, safe payment, and live chat service. If you are tired of the repetitive farming in the game, but you want to upgrade your weapons, the best way for you is to buy cheap Revelation Online Aurum from us. RO Aurum is one of our staple and not it’s on sale for gamers. We always put customer’s account’s safety at the first place, all Revelation Online Aurums are official authorized. Buy Cheap Revelation Online Aurum Account on Eacgame.com.

News And Guides

  • Revelation Online Bamboo Mist in Grand Boutique Tips

    In Revelation Online crafting menu, you can choose which kind of item you want to craft, there are potions, materials, gears, orbs, and foods, each of them requires a number of ingredients to begin. Scrolls like Botany Scroll or Gastronomy Scroll unlocks a profession and recipe. The crafting tree(skills) need to be updated to craft higher...

    [2018-07-05 09:26:04]

  • Revelation Online BG Event Scores Fastest Farming Guide

    Revelation Online is one of the most sincere online game that won’t cost too much money. I won’t agree that some gamers said that it’s the pay to win game. Imagine which game can be free to win? If you just play the RO 30 mins per day, when other gamers play it for 2 hours, how can you beat them easily? Do not blame or c...

    [2018-05-28 09:38:24]

  • Seize Chance in Revelation Online to Cast Crowd Control Skills Properly

    Crowd Control Skills, always shortened as CC, which is the most important skill in Revelation Online. Although the stun state won’t last long, but it provides extra one to two second for your whole team, which may turn the table of the PvP or PvE. Sometimes if lucky, you will interrupt enemies’ casting or brewing of skills/spe...

    [2018-04-26 09:12:55]

  • Revelation Online Assassin 2018 Best Tips for PvP and Leveling

    Revelation Online Guide for Assassin DPS Build released today. We gathered and combed numerous days and nights for the resources, and inquired several veteran gamers who have played  the Assassin class in Revelation Online about the questions of how to level up fast or how to learn skills wisely etc. Once you played the class in RO, ...

    [2018-03-08 14:51:40]

  • Revelation Online 5.0 Vanguard DPS Tank Build Tips

    As for a Vanguard in RO, you need to act as a pure tank steadily. Have you been told to do this before? If so, please tell them your DPS is even higher than some classic DPS class like blademaster, gunslinger, swordmage and so on. If your friends or net friends don’t believe you, just invite them for a solo PvP. Before that, you nee...

    [2018-02-06 09:36:32]

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