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Warmane is one of the most popular WoW legacy server nowadays.Accompany with Light’s Hope, the aim of the private server is to maintain and supply the same feel and structure as the realms back then while maintaining an open platform for development and operation. If you want to see what World of Warcraft was like previously there this is the place for you. Now we Eacgame.com provide cheap and fast Warmane Gold for our buyers with cheapest price, fastest delivery, 100% safety, live chat online service and legit refund policy. If you want to get the best gears in it buy our cheap gold now. The Warmane Gold is on Sale on our site now, we promise the cheapest price in the market. We always put gamers’ account safety at the first position, we never sell hacked gold to our customer.We Eacgame.com is the best online store to buy cheap warmane outland gold for your account safely!

News And Guides

  • Warmane Accusation for Low-Level Dungeons on WoW Vanilla Server

    Warmane is a not so popular legacy version of WoW, but still maintain numerous gamers and steady network service for veteran gamers in past days. Now you can’t enjoy the The Burning Crusade version nor the Cataclysm version on official server. What a pity! So numerous people come and play the Warmane server, although there won&rsquo...

    [2018-06-05 09:04:55]

  • Warmane Remove Pathfinder Function to Improve the Gameplay

    It’s easy to reach Max Level in World of Warcraft and Warmane, but not to get ilvl of 900. If you are veteran gamer and have played the game for more than a year, it’s no surprise to get it, but if you just start last month and you got it, it’s nearly impossible to get it without money expenditure. If you have some usefu...

    [2018-05-16 09:17:42]

  • Warmane Profession Guide for Jewelcrafting and Mining

    Jewelcrafting and Mining are the two major and most popular professions in the game WoW and Warmane, represent the most useful and powerful professions in the game. To level up those two professions in the game, you need to follow their quests to improve the skill level orderly. To level up them to the top level, you can craft some awesom...

    [2018-03-12 10:29:17]

  • Warmane Guide 2018 from Zero to Hero

    Warmane is one of the most popular private server online, accompany with Light’s Hope to be the duopoly legacy server or WotLK of World of Warcraft. If you want to improve gameplay skills, character build strategy to a more scientific level, and learning some effective methods of making gold faster in Warmane, this guide is the hand...

    [2018-01-21 11:36:00]

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