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DC Universe Online Munitions Controller Build Guide 2018

   DC universe Online Guide   Hot Game Patches   PC Games   2018-03-16 09:33:59
It’s hard to make a guide for DC Universe, to be honest. Because there’s no classes concept in the game. I searched all wikis to figure out what’s the existence form of the traditional classes concept in the game, in vain. Finally I realize everyone start same, and different in power building. So I made the water dps build guide last time. But this time I want to make a change. I think it’s no use to introduce all powers to gamers, instead of a better and more clear way. How to level up fast is the most important and most concerned question that lingering on every gamers’ mind. If they can level up fast, no matter which power they stick to, they will be powerful than those who still be in lower level.

DC Universe Best Power

I've been rage tanking, and it's way easier than the ice powers. You can pull a group of enemies to you, use a power that heals all damage taken for 8 seconds while you do the 2h spin to win, drop a big AoE stun then if anything is still alive you pull them in again with a heal AoE and do it all over again. So we Eacgame.com come and help you to get through the tough stage of the game by offering Cheap DC Universe Cash for all of our customers. Stuns one target then stuns 10 targets after explosion similar to Sticky Bomb except it's just 1 knockdown stun then knockdown then stun again.
I’m not sure which build is the most awesome in beginning, middle stages, or in endgame. I personally think the fire power is the most suitable power build for me. Tastes differ, I just introduce every build and how to build them for you. I’m not here to interface your decision and idea of how to play the game DC universe. Buy Cheap DCUO Cash from us. Find your own way to build up your unique avatar in the game, you can enjoy a lot of extra joys aside from following other veteran's DC Universe Guide. My main is a nature pure healer with 48 skill points I can solo most stuff with it and it's the only power I’ve leveled past 10 lol. I just can't get into the other powers because I’m so used to my healing nature powers and I don't think I’ll be able to survive later missions with other powers solo.
I’m now sure about the thinking of making this DC Universe guide, and will continue providing more tips and tricks in the game. One of the most useful tip and most sustainable tip is: Buy Cheap DC Universe Cash from Eacgame.com. Although we are new to do this business, but we import cheap and safe cash from our reliable online game currency supplier. We ensure 100% safety of our product and the delivery method. Hope you can have a try and you will love it. Next DC Universe Leveling Guide will be focused more on introducing some lucrative and must-do quests inside the game. You can skip those tedious and unprofitable casual sub-line quests that wasting time and energy. 
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