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DC Universe Online Cash News & Guides

DC Universe Online Water DPS Build Guide for Beginners

   DC universe Online Guide   2018-03-03 09:25:30
DC Universe Online is a F2P action based MMORPG, developed and published by the DayBreak Game Company for PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One in 2011. There are two main factions in DCUO: Hero or Villain, gamers are able to choose either of them to start their game. There are no concept of class in the game, instead of a set of power like Fire or Ice, which can strengthen your coordinating skills’ power. If need a classification, there’re also tank, dps, healer, supporter and many other classes, but depends on your nurture.

DCUO PS4 Xbox One Guide

I wanted to make this guide specific to Water only, rather than a guide on how to Damage or how to be a Healer. Once lacking of DC Universe Online Cash, just buy on our site, now the Cheap DC Universe Online Cash is on sale. Take your time to seize the great chance to relief yourself from the tough grind quests and farming works. There have already been so many great guides on those subjects that I would have just ended up rewriting the same things, or straight up plagiarizing others work, and I'm not going to do that. I also didn't want to specify load-outs for players to use. It's really better to get multiple viewpoints on that from players' experiences, which you'll see from posts later in the thread.
If you are new to DCUO, you may want to know which power is the best in DCUO, or the best character build in DC Online. And you may want to get the newest information about DC Universe Online at the first time if you are a veteran. DC Universe Online Guide will satisfy all of you. With Guide for DC Universe Online, you can complete the game wonderfully and smoothly. I've gone Acrobatics, Nature and Martial arts and it's working like a dream for me. Also like Mr. Gray I have opted for the healing route although I must say Bloom takes a while to cast. Nature has a great ability to pull enemies from afar to you, couple this with the AoE effects from some nature moves and the rapid combo's from martial arts and it is very effective so far. I’m at a stage now where I can complete quests 4 levels above me, a bit of a challenge but no real issues.
Deflect the purpose of this guide may lead you to detour. Loot lockouts prevent you from looting a boss more than once per day. So this guide will list the content you should do every day, ordered from most to least efficient. Do not follow any hack tools online, the virus may compromise your account. Only follow our Eacgame.com DC universe Online Guide for good. It is the best way to level up fast and make more DCUO Cash easily! So do the first thing in each list first, etc. You can pay to reset loot lockouts instantly. Do this on days where you’re planning to play for long periods of time. It’s quite cheap and will definitely help boost your progression.

DCUO Water Power

There are no BEST power in DCUO, just like there are no best classes in most of other MMORPG. How strong your character will be mostly depends on how and how much you cultivate it. There’s a fixed rule in online video game, that is free-to-play gamers cannot surpass pay-to-win gamers, because the developer and publisher want to make money from the game, from those who spend money in the game. There must be some attractive things that free gamers can’t get as ways, or even if they can get the item, there’ll be another advanced edition of it which surpasses even more compared with origin edition. 
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