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Elden Ring: Stormveil Castle Secret Boss Guide

   Xbox One Games   PS4 Games   PC Games   PS5 Games   2023-02-17 08:54:26
Fans of Elden Ring can locate a hidden dungeon beneath Stormveil Castle that contains treasure, secret lore, and a boss that, when killed, will drop a Golden Seed. Players can find instructions on how to beat the Stormveil Castle hidden boss in this Elden Ring tutorial. To vanquish the festering dryad in the game, players must purchase Cheap Elden Ring Runes.
How to Find the Secret Catacombs of Stormveil Castle
Players must ascend to the third level above the Living Jars in the Elden Ring to reach the gateway that leads to a room filled with hostile inhabitants in order to continue discovering Stormveil Castle's secrets. The next door opens to a small balcony and reads, "What you're seeking for must be somewhere nearby," according to the game. To finish the leaping puzzle, turn left and cautiously follow the ledges of the castle's exterior wall. Players will be able to unlock the Liftside Chamber's closed door in the following region.
Advance further into the crypt while fending off rats and bats. The player must meander a little because the terrain is littered with rubble. The linear route eventually, however, ends at a ledge that descends into the Root Monster's lair, a vast area. The boss battle in Elden Ring begins when the irrational canker dryad breaks from the floor after the adventurer has fallen below.

How to defeat the Rotting Dryad
You will encounter the root monster of a canker sprite at the bottom, after the rats. It can be found in a number of places, including Stormveil Castle. The type that the player confronts later in the game moves similarly to the Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss in Stormveil Castle. During those with lower levels or inexperience, we advise employing a shield and a weapon imbued with fire or frost for this fight. New players might be facing this adversary for the first time.
Although you don't have to fight it right away, doing so will earn you a gold seed that may be used to enhance your flask. Take the following items from nearby corpses by looting them:
Stone sword key
Throwing Dagger x8
Smoldering butterfly
Death url pustule, talisman of uplifting vitality
Once more, eliminating root monsters is not required here. You are always welcome to return. However, it's also feasible. We have one piece of advice. It all comes down to execution.
While the main secrets of Stormveil Castle are golden seeds and hidden bosses, after the player reaches the other side of the castle, a number of options are available. This is true whether they decide to skip Stormveil Castle's secrets or attempt to investigate. Elden Ring gamers can prepare enough Elden Ring Runes for Sale in the game to battle the monsters by following the above secret boss guide for Stormveil Castle.
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