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How To Beat Goldshard In Wild Hearts

   Xbox One Games   PC Games   PS5 Games   2023-02-22 09:19:31
The Goldshard, a nasty low-ball beast whose crystal spines ignite and impale anyone not under cover, is one of the enormous animals that Kemonos players can pursue in Wild Hearts. Players can gather components for the Veteran's armor if they are successful in taking down the Kemon. At first, Goldshard appears unbeatable, but as you figure out its tendencies, the battle becomes lot more manageable. In order to defeat Goldshard in Wild Hearts, following the advice in this article will also require players to purchase enough Wild Hearts Accounts.
Goldshard location
You can find Goldshard or Koganebari by exploring the Akikure Gorge. It frequently wanders the Silver Glass Plains or the Solstice Cavern, both of which are incredibly clear. However this creature only shows up in Chapter 2 and later, not earlier. After overcoming the Earthbreaker, Deathstalker, and a few other challenging enemies, Chapter 2 begins. Despite the fact that chapter 2 has a considerably greater difficulty level than chapter 1, you should be ready for a challenging struggle.

Advantages and disadvantages of Goldshard
If you want to destroy this enormous porcupine, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of Gold Shards. Gold shards are an earth element that is strong against fire and earth but weak against wind and wood.
That's a horrible idea if you're going to utilize Ablaze sickness because Goldshard is totally immune to it. But, they won't be as effective as they typically are. Other illnesses like Freeze, Entangle, Poison, and Fatigue may still cause some harm.
In terms of the Goldshard's own vulnerabilities, it is wise to target its head as usual because that is where it is most vulnerable. You can also attempt to slightly harm its tail, front legs, and hind legs, but don't make an effort to harm the animal's body as a whole.
Better still if you have access to weapons that can lunge and pummel. You will do the most damage per hit if you use these weapons to strike a Goldshard's soft location, such as its head.
How to beat Goldshard
As the Goldshard in Wild Hearts grows agitated, things become a little more intriguing because it has access to several new moves that can cause difficulty for you. It can now fire golden shards at you from behind, to start. Although these shards don't deal much damage, they can find you and provide a greater threat than their primary offensive move. This can be avoided with a well-timed dodge, which will allow you to sidestep the strike before it can alter its course.
Dealing with the second stage is more irritating. Goldshard will ball up and roll quickly in your direction. This strike deals fair damage, but once more, you can avoid it by dodging just in time before it hits you. To deal damage, we advise using a fusion Karakuri like Pounder to land some powerful blows and deliver the decisive blow early.
The foregoing is a detailed explanation of how to beat Goldshard in Wild Hearts. Players can equip enough Wild Hearts Standard Edition in the game to hasten Goldshard's demise.
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