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FFXIV: How to Unlock the Euphrosyne Raid (Patch 6.3)

   PS4 Games   PC Games   PS5 Games   2023-01-17 09:13:53
A new 24-player alliance raid called Eurphrosyne was introduced in FFXIV Patch 6.3. Here's how to obtain this Euphrosyne, the second in Final Fantasy XIV's Myths of the Realm raid series, in which the Warrior of Light faces off against the gods of Eorzea in a series of trials. This article will explain to users how to access the Euphrosyne Raid in FFXIV following the publication of the patch notes for version 6.3. Players need to prepare enough FFXIV Gil in order to unlock Euphrosyne Raid.
Kingdom of Myth: Euphrosyne Alliance Raid Prerequisites
Players must do the following in order to unlock Euphrosyne:
Realm Mythic quest "Face of the Explorer," completed. (You must have defeated the Aglaia Alliance raid in order to do this.)
A combat class with a level of 90 exists.
Minimum item level is 595.
How to Unlock Euphrosyne in FFXIV
You must first defeat Aglaia, the prior Alliance Assault instance, before completing any related story mission goals. The "Faces of the Explorer" quest serves as its conclusion.
After completing the aforementioned requirements, you must speak with Deryk in Mor Dhona. Above his head, there will be a blue quest marking that will give you the assignment to "Return to Mirage." Deryk, an NPC from Mor Dhona (X:23.9, Y:9.1) at 0:00 AM Pacific Time. The questline will eventually lead to the unlocking of Euphrosyne.
Your average equipment must be item level 595 or higher once you earn Euphrosyne in order to join the team. By tradition, the instance has a 120-minute time limit. One tank, two healers, and five DPS players are required for each alliance; you can put together your own squad or use Duty Finder to match players.
Euphrosyne Raids and Rewards
You'll receive item level 620 gear from Euphrosyne raids, which should greatly improve your stats (unless you have raid gear). Make sure to only roll what you want because, prior to patch 6.4, you could only claim one item of armor per week from Euphrosyne. Avoid unintentionally needing or coveting something you don't desire! every week on Tuesday morning, resets.
Additionally, you receive a Wind-up Halone follower from Euphrosyne, a Menphina Triple Triad card, and a number of unrestricted Orchestrions (dedicated to Moonlight, Rhythm of the Realm, and Favor).
You can also get a Euphrosyne Coin once per week by finishing Euphrosyne. To upgrade your Lunar Envoy Tomestone gear, you can trade an Aglaia Coin and a Euphrosyne Coin for Moonshine Twine and Moonshine Coating. Visit the NPC below Radz-at-Han to exchange currency.
Everyone should anticipate needing to visit Euphrosyne several times in order to assist others, even with the weekly prize allocation. Enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil can be bought in-game for players to assist in unlocking and obtaining more rewards.
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