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Genshin Impact: Best Sand Grease Pupa Breeding Route in Sumeru

   PS4 Games   PC Games   Mobile Games   PS5 Games   iOS   Nintendo Switch   2023-02-08 10:38:06
The Sand Grease Pupa, a creature exclusive to the Hadramavis Desert where the Quicksand Eels breed, was introduced in the Genshin Impact 3.4 update. This guide will tell players the best Sand Grease Pupa in Sumeru in the Genshin Impact Breeding route so they can prepare enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in the game. Sand Grease Pupa is currently one of the most sought-after boosting materials in the game. Players can find Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa locations to collect this priceless local specialty.
What is Genshin Impact Sand Grease Pupa?
The sand fat chrysalis is unique to the Xumi region and is considered to be a local delicacy. Additionally, it exclusively spawns in the "Hadramaveth Desert" region of Sumeru's northwest.
The sand fat pupa's purpose is to aid in the ascension of characters. When a character reaches a given level, like 20 or 40, you require a specific quantity of advanced materials to keep upgrading them. Alhaytham, a five-star character, is the only one who still requires a Chrysalis as of this writing.


Best Sand Grease Pupa Breeding Locations in Genshin Impact
There are only 74 spawns of the new local delicacy Sand Grease Pupa on the Genshin Shock map, which is exclusive to the Meru Desert region. Only Alhaitham currently need this item to level up. Tighnari or Nahida should be added to the party if the player has either of them, as their passive abilities will mark the position of adjacent local goods on the Genshin Impact mini-map. Bring two Anemo characters, preferably Kazuha, Venti, or Jean, for elemental vibes. This speeds up mobility for the group by 10%, shortens skill cooldowns by 5%, and lessens stamina loss by 15%. Here are the top locations:
Near Wadi Al-Majuj
Players can move northeast to access the Sand Grease Pupa cluster in Genshin Impact by teleporting to the northeast Safhe Shantranj waypoint close to Wadi Al-Majuj.
East of Sanqusha
The teleportation point that was transported to Sanqusha's east side will next go south. Five spawn locations are nearby, not far from where you are.
West of Mount Damavand
Players can either teleport to the indicated place on the diagram and climb the rock there, or they can flee southwest from their current location.
Ghoul's Passage
In Ghoul Pass, there are two ways to get there: first, teleport to the rock above the valley, then slide a little to the northwest. After that, proceed to the road sign to the east. All Sand Grease Pupa spawns at this location are underground, and players can access them through the entry by the waypoint. From there, they should move in the route indicated by the arrow.
Passage of the Ghouls Part II
On this path, all spawn places are underground. Teleport back to the waypoint, enter the tunnel, and then proceed in the manner indicated on the map.
Safhe Shatranj and Wadi Al-Majuj
Teleport back to the waypoint east of Wadi Al-Majuj once you have all of the underground Sand Grease Pupa, then move northwest. Compared to rock climbing from the valley, this path is quicker to the destination. Then, because all the spawning are on top of the cliff, teleport to Safhe Shatranj and climb up or around the cliff to get to the top.
Sands of Al-Azif
The last path to collect the last four sandy pupae is this one. Go to the Sands of Al-Azif by teleporting to the waypoint in the Dunes of Stell. To locate the tunnel entry into the underground, follow the directions indicated on the map.
The 74 things that may be grabbed on the map are all covered by these top farming routes for Genshin Impact's Sand Grease Pupa. To help them acquire more boosting resources, players can purchase cheap Genshin Impact Top Up on Z2U.com.
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