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How to Best CPU Defense on NBA 2K 19 Hall of Fame

   Best CPU Defense on NBA 2K 19 Hall of Fame   NBA 2K 19 Guide   2019-06-20 11:57:33
One of the most frustrating parts of 2K19's MyCareer for many NBA 2K19 fans is that CPU Defense on Hall of Fame is way too overpowered. It’s almost impossible to get by defenders even with players like Harden and Westbrook who blow by defenders most of the time. To help you out, here I’ll show you how I managed to beat it based on my own experience.


The first thing is that if you are going to go user vs user, the best setup in my opinion is hall of fame simulation sliders, 12 min quarters.
People do struggle against the CPU on hall of fame.
The first step is to realize that the CPU is beatable. I've done it, some in my group have done it. That means you can do it as well. Did I get crushed in the beginning? Yeah.
Not every one works on it because it's a challenge and in some ways you have to have a persistent disposition.
The next important thing is that you have to take good shots.
One of the reasons the CPU shoots such a high percentage is because people chuck a bunch of bad threes almost always resulting in easy baskets for the CPU.
I wouldn't run the ball because usually that increases your turnovers. If you have the break take it but if not set it up. Take care of the ball.
You don't have to play zone or anything special on defense to do it either. Just stay in front of your man, don't reach and don't go for the block. Challenge shots and block out.
Start with learning one team exclusively and then start playing the worst team in the league on hall of fame mode. Then you will learn that team pretty well as well. Eventually you will beat it. Move on to the next hardest team and repeat the process.
Don't turn the ball over. Make every possession count. Try not to get beat off the dribble because once you do, it's a guarantee score by the CPU, so try playing off ball defense. Just overall play smart basketball. Also make sure to call timeouts, because the CPU will frequently go on runs and it gets out of hand.
One of the most unique things about the CPU or beating anyone for that matter is that we could almost give you an exact formula for beating the CPU and you would go yeah I understand and still not be able to do it.In fact, I just did.But the reality of it is that you have to learn by experience. You only do that by losing a bunch. Even after a TO or bad shot, never panic. Panic is your easy ticket to a blowout. call a timeout and try again!
That’s the end of this guide. May it helps! For more news and guides on NBA 2K19, stay tuned to Eacgame.com, a professional in-game currency store selling Cheap NBA 2K19 MT Coins.
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