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  • Just Play ADC: LoL Annie Build Guide

    I’m not a big fan of Annie in League of Legends, but it doesn’t hinder me to make an Annie guide for you. To be honest, the best tip for you is to buy Cheap League of Legends Riot Points from Eacgame.com. Although tips I've mentioned are useful sometimes, but this one could be even helpful! Join Riot Games, join us Eacgame Affiliate...

    [2018-03-20 10:33:39]

  • Final Fantasy XIV How to Get Rare items Easier

    Final Fantasy XIV best strategy to level up fast and best methods to get more rare items from loots is here, do you want to know the tricks? Do not hurry, it listed here and won’t escape, but you need to know one thing before you read this article: Whether you want to be stronger in the game? If you answer of course, you can go on this guide....

    [2018-03-19 10:50:35]

  • Black Desert Online Lahn Build Guide for Gamers on Xbox, and PlayStation

    Black Desert Online was known as the only piece that provides an offline PC game gameplay experience but it an online game in essence. Characters especially female models are so attractive and sexy, and that’s maybe why there are so many gamers playing the old online game. There’re not too much difference between Xbox One, Xbox One S, X...

    [2018-03-17 09:11:55]

  • Albion Online Mage Build Guide with Weapon & Armor Recommend

    Introduction of Albion Online - Best Strategy for Mage Fans!   There’s no Mage class in Albion Online, because there’re no specific classification of classes in this game, gamers decide their classes leisurely when they change their equipment. There are numerous of kinds of combinations of gears. According to official gamepe...

    [2018-03-17 09:01:17]

  • ELOA Mage Class Build Walkthrough Make You Top DPS

    Blazing Fireball fires blazing fireball penetrates enemies. When I first step in the game, I was astonished by this Mage skill totally, so I changed my class as Mage immediately. But I’m still missing my little knight avatar. Now my little Mage has been built to a decent/awesome Mage in ELOA. So I want to share some experiences for you. I&rsq...

    [2018-03-16 09:39:17]

  • DC Universe Online Munitions Controller Build Guide 2018

    It’s hard to make a guide for DC Universe, to be honest. Because there’s no classes concept in the game. I searched all wikis to figure out what’s the existence form of the traditional classes concept in the game, in vain. Finally I realize everyone start same, and different in power building. So I made the water dps build guide l...

    [2018-03-16 09:33:59]

  • Elsword Nexon New Actions Coming with Patches 2018

    Elsword only features more than ten kinds of base classes: Knight, Magician, Ranger, Taker, Exotic, Guardian, Hsien, Tracer, Valkyrie, Executor and so on. Each class has their unique play style. Now the game is popular in North America and South Korean districts, and been well maintained by its publisher Nexon and KOG Games and Gameforge worldwide....

    [2018-03-13 09:29:10]

  • SoulWorker How to Solve Connection Issue and Starting Up Awesome

    SoulWorker now has stepped into regular period, after numerous of new gamers surge in in Beta section. If you were lucky enough to get a Beta account I’ll congratulate you because the game now is hottest among any other online games. Japanese online video game always notable for their cute and lovely graphics. Different now, Soul worker also ...

    [2018-03-13 09:21:20]

  • Warmane Profession Guide for Jewelcrafting and Mining

    Jewelcrafting and Mining are the two major and most popular professions in the game WoW and Warmane, represent the most useful and powerful professions in the game. To level up those two professions in the game, you need to follow their quests to improve the skill level orderly. To level up them to the top level, you can craft some awesome items or...

    [2018-03-12 10:29:17]

  • Modify Your Dream Car to Top Speed in Forza Horizon 3

    As for me, the aim of playing Forza Horizon 3 is to view ever beautiful sport in the open-map world. I never chase others for rank, and for reward, just drive my ride to a desolating corner, take a screenshot or screencast and share it on forums, that’s me unique gameplay in the game. That’s not say my gameplay is too poor to win a posi...

    [2018-03-09 09:25:34]

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