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How to Create a Private Server for Minecraft Realms

   PC Games   2023-01-31 09:16:06
Players can make their own private servers for themselves and their friends using Minecraft Realms, a premium subscription service. Anyone invited to visit these servers can do so at any time because they are constantly online. The biggest advantage of Minecraft Realms over standard online Minecraft worlds is that users may access them whenever they want because they are always online. The information in this guide will let gamers build a personal server for Minecraft Realms so they may stock up on Hypixel Coins before playing.
Minecraft Realms explained
A small number of users can be invited to join on private, always-on multiplayer servers called Minecraft Realms. A new world can be created as a realm, or an existing world might be transformed into one. Realms, on the other hand, is a premium feature, and in order to make Realms accessible to other players, gamers must pay a monthly subscription price. Players may also have access to new maps, minigames, and character skins each month, depending on their membership. Additionally, since Realms will be accessible around-the-clock, gamers won't need to be online constantly to run servers and can invite anyone to Realms to play whenever they like.
How to Create a Private Server for Minecraft Realms
Players must first select the subscription that best suits their needs in order to start a private server in Minecraft Realms. The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft offers two alternative subscription options. There is only one subscription tier for Java Edition. Players can make a private realm that their friends can join for free at each subscription level. Each membership comes with three world slots as well. Linux, Mac, and Windows cross-play is only supported by the Java Edition.
While all levels allow players to explore the Minecraft world with one another, the key distinction between them is the number of players. The basic Realms membership, which costs $3.99, supports one owner and two off-hand players. Realms Plus, a $7.99 subscription that supports the owner and up to 10 other players, is similar to Java Edition.
Making a private server is simple once your subscription is active. Sign in to your Microsoft account and click the play button to access the menu on the right. In Minecraft, there ought to be a "Create New" option at the top of the "Worlds" menu. Several alternatives will appear after you select it. The necessary parameters will appear if you keep clicking "Create a new world." Select the parameters that are ideal for the field once there.
It is advised to add friends as "Guests" and then modify the multiplayer options for that Minecraft Realm as needed. Click Create on Realm from there. Then, if the subscription has not yet been enabled, owners can choose a tier and submit their payment information. You can then go straight to the newly formed private server after that. Players then have the option to invite their friends.
The information provided above is a detailed tutorial for building a private server for Minecraft Realms. To help build a private server, players can purchase enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins in the game.
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