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NBA 2K 19 - The Three Primary Focus Areas of MyTeam Mode - Packs, General Content Releases & Cadence

   NBA 2K19 Guide   NBA 2K19 MT   MyTeam Mode   Packs   General Content Releases   Cadence   MyLeague   MyGame   Locker Codes   Amethyst Card   2018-08-18 10:16:57
Recently, 2K released a large developer blog about the collector mode MyTeam. This year MyTeam has trimmed two modes from its feature set but replaced them with a couple of newer concepts designed to be more fan friendly. Only time will tell if the goal has been accomplished. You can find the full blog by clicking here. But today, I just want to introduce the three primary focus areas of 2K on NBA 2K 19’s MyTeam Mode, which are Packs, General Content Releases, and Cadence.

New Packs and Gem Level
Erick Boenisch, Senior Producer for NBA 2K19 wrote in the blog: "As a collective, we didn’t feel like you were pulling the cards you wanted at a pace we were happy with. This is something that is going to be improved in NBA 2K19." The packs are now tiered and this was done to give a wider variety of options. There's even a new gem level coming to the collections called GALAXY OPAL. Overall, players should have a better chance to pull good cards from the packs they buy. By the way, If you feel a pity to spend too much money to buy packs, the Cheap NBA 2K 19 MT Coins are sold in eacgame.com with unprecedented discount!
General Content Releases
The pace of release for MyTeam seemed to fall off at a point last year. It sounds as if this something that will be addressed in a major way.
"In NBA 2K19, we are going to feature more compelling content along with a dynamic content release schedule bustling with activity," Boenisch said "That activity will come via new packs, new exclusive insert cards into existing packs, a new design for Moments cards, and a dramatic increase in Locker Codes to fill the days when there isn’t necessarily new content planned."
EA's Ultimate Team structure is the best among the collector modes, and the consistent flow of content in Madden Ultimate Team and FIFA Ultimate Team are a big reason for the excellence. It seems as if 2K is looking to create a similar stream of content in their mode.
The two magic words in the world of MyTeam have been Locker Codes. Fans will likely see a lot more of them this year. I'm not sure if that will devalue take some shine off the moment, or if it will create the balance that the team is seemingly chasing.
However, it should remove one of the legitimate gripes from the community.

NBA 2K19

The devs didn't think the best cards in the mode were released at the right pace. In NBA 2K19, there will be an Amethyst card at launch. Diamonds and Pink Diamonds will also be released in September. There is some business sense to these changes. With Galaxy Opals coming, Pink Diamonds probably won't have the same value as before, but that's just a guess because we haven't seen the details for every gem level.
After reading these three focus areas of NBA 2K 19 on its MyTeam mode, you may have already had a general understanding about the MyTeam mode. In the next news, we will introduce the new moves of MyLeague and MyGame. So, if you want to more information about NBA 2K19, please continue to pay attention to eacgame.com.
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