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How to Get The Top Solo Battle in MUT in Madden 19 , Take A Look at This Full Tutorial

   Xbox One Games   PS4 Games   PC Games   Madden 19 Ultimate Team   2018-10-23 08:31:33
EA has introduced MUT 19 Solo Battles for the very first time.In this brand new feature for MUT in Madden 19, you'll be entirely going up against the AI. You need to accumulate winning the game and earn score points as much ad possible to win the top Solo Battle. There are fourteen rank levels in MUT's Solo Battles mode. The higher you are, the more points are required and more rewards you’ll get.

MUT Solo Battle


In the ultimate team mode of Madden NFL 19, Solo Battles is a special mode that pits you against AI opponents as you win matches and in such a fashion as to rank up high worldwide. These come with their own rewards in terms of coins, player cards and contribution to the overall MUT level. These matches of the Solo battles span over a extended period of time with 13 matches each week. You can still select the difficulty of modes in the Solo battle options, ranging from the Ultimate level to the Beginner level. The harder the difficulty, the higher the minimum Battle Score you get for winning. To win the game, those factors are taken into account, such as the number of touchdowns, yards covered, point differential. Technical aspects also matters. In a world, play the game as properly and realistically as possible. To rank up more quickly, you can buy Cheap Madden NFL 19 Coins form eacgame.com, a cheap online in-game currency store.

Statistics Matter

Everybody who is placing in the Top 100 is probably running up the score, but what separates the Top 10 is the ability to mix up their offense. Throwing for 500 yards and 10 TDs to a single receiver is not going to generate as high of a User Skill score as throwing for a ton of first downs to a variety of players.
It's important to score a lot of points, but make sure that you're going about it as "normally" as possible. Mix in the run, take safe throws, and avoid costly mistakes. Throwing interceptions and having a low completion percentage will really take a chunk out of your Battle Score potential.

Prepare early

Depending on how you perform in each game in that week, you may make your way to a nice spot on the leaderboards. You can view your opponents for the week by going into the opponent’s tab. Here you can view their formations, their offensive style and their overall rating. This gives you a chance to plan ahead before actually facing them.


Aside from the above mentioned two points, here are some notes worth your attention as well. Since The Solo Battles only have 3 minute quarters, so make sure that you're hyper-aware of clock management as the game goes on. Besides, try the defense as much as possible. Find a defense that works for you and try to prevent the CPU from scoring at all. In a world, it is a hard, long route to the final winning. Those tips are not the absolute formula for success.You have to forge your own path to the high battle score. 
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